Delisiously Delighted Demented-one Departing Depths of Despair & Drudgery

Gooooood Morning peeps!

Last day at the ethically challenged slavebench.

Enjoy your day people.


  • Have a good one Haggis, try not to be too smug around those who are yet to escape the slavedom!! ;o)
  • Hey I'm smug too Kaz as I'm going home to my nice cozy kip V soon! Can't wait, been the nightshift from hell. Think I've done bloods on everyone in Dundee!!!
  • Well I'm off today so I did my smug bit yesterday!! ;o)
  • I thought the folks in Dumbdee only had alcohol or 'illicit substances' in their viens? Blood??
  • That's more true than you'd care to believe!!!!!!!!! Yeah, some of them do actually carry some red cells in there, too or maybe that's buckfast!
  • And is it true that it's compulsary to be permenantly pregnant above the age of 14?
  • morning peeps!
  • Good morning everyone :o)

    >Slaps Haggis, using I-lived-in-Dundee-for-many-years as an excuse.<

  • Morning everyone

    Is it..?


    Confoozalated Just Off Nights Head can't work it out

    Just caught up on the news Haggis!
    Get you to civilisation, man!!!!
  • Morning all. Hope you all have a good one, whether thats sleeping, day off, working or enjoying your last day ;-)
  • Morning chuck. How's the knee?

    Must get a"se into gear. Spending the day with my favourite little man and supposed to be leaving at 10.

    That's my great nephew before you comment!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Morning peeps.

    Defintely a TGIF day today.

    Good news on the freedom Haggis. Enjoy!
  • Mornin' Kaz. The knee is feeling easier this morning thanks to fizz's healing hands. Sod's law that its a BEAUTIFUL day here and I can't run.

    Have fun with the little one today.
  • Aw KKD, know that one - that's how I felt during that lovely autumn and not being able to run. Now I can run, the weather's carp and I've lost my confidence/motivation.
  • we do seem to be in the middle of a big chunk of rain!

    I'm going to go swimming and running - got new tyres for the bike but I'll try them out for the first time on drier roads I think
  • I had thought I'd go swimming too but I've now got my eldest daughter home ill from school! Today is just not my day!
  • :o(

    bummer KKD
  • On the bright side I've done the ironing, 'Tarzan' is actually quite entertaining and I'm out for drinkies with my mad Finnish pal tonight!

    There's always tomorrow. Hope the rain stops soon so you can try out those shiny new tyres!
  • xmas nite oot no.1 tonight
    no.2 tomorrow

    (got to pretend I actulaay have a social life!)
  • ans splelling sckils
  • Its after 5:30pm. Has Haggis officially 'moved on' now?? Will he be kicking up his heels in delight or crying into his beer??
  • You been on the lash already, Heebie?


    I can hear Haggis whooping all the way from here, and I didn't realise he could dance!
  • I can ASSURE you, the Haggis does NOT dance unless it's a ceilidh!!!
  • helloooo (ignores haggis dancing) does anyone have a cure for 'turn down life changing job 'itus? :oS if anyone gets a knighthood then you'll be illuminated by moi. opertunities continue but .... ah well. any potentiol sirs please send photos of the throne room as they won't let me take them!
  • No dancing Haggis?! Mm we'll have to see about that!!!!! ;o)

    Just had the dubious pleasure of having a juggernaut almost sat in my boot trying to force me into speeding thro' roadworks on the M25. He was so wrong when he thought he could intimidate little me!!!!!!!
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