great place to plod in Kent!

My dog and I have started plodding round Trossley Park and I have to mention it. It is such a nice place to plod around and all the people I met were really nice. It's not too hilly for a chubby mammal like me although dog and I got very muddy on each occasion! She's supposed to be white but she's ended up black by the time I wrap a towel round her and put her in the car!

I can really recommend this park for running or plodding.


  • ah yes Trosley

    there used to be a Trosley thread :-)

    Pantman's regular outing

  • There used to be a group of us forumites meeting here on a semi-regular basis.

    Attendees included:
    Myself (and clan)
    CD (and Mrs)
    Graham (legs in threads)
    and others

    There is a race in June that includes a lap of Trossley - the Harvel 5 - ist Sat in June (afternoon), as I recall. One of those great local races that is laid back and fun, yet organised without fault. Highly recommended.
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