Lifetime of running shoes

I have a question to which I hope I can get some really useful feedback. Just how long should a quality pair of running shoes last. I have a pair of Adidas Supernova Cushion. I run just over 21 miles a week. Can anyone tell me months or miles or both?

Ta in advance


  • If you log your runs on fetch, it keeps track of how many miles you run in each pair so you know when thet need to be replaced.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    The answer to this question always seems to be given as this. I'm not sure whether or not it's actually based on any real evidence or wherther its just gained acceptance through having been repeated so often (if you think this sort of think never happens read the footnote to this post).

    It would seem to me that a 14 stone heel striker will batter his running shoes far more than a 9 stone midfoot striker. I would think that the more efficient and well balanced your running action is the less quickly your shoes are going to wear.

    From my own point of view, when I'm doing peak mileage of 90m per week, if I threw away my shoes after 300 miles, I'd be replacing them every 3-4 weeks. At £50 a pair, I couldn't afford to run. I aim for 750-800 miles a pair - as far as I'm concerned they are worn out when the sole is worn through. This normally depends on the quality of the shoe I'm using. A cheap shoe at say £30-35 may only give me 500 miles (ie a cost of 7pence per mile), whereas a better shoe costing say £50 may give me 850 miles (ie 5.9 pence per mile)

    For me the "holy grail" would be a £30 pair trainers giving me 1000 miles (3p per mile). I'm currently using Ekedens which cost £30. There is a forumite who can get 1000 miles out of a pair of these, but his running style is more efficient than mine. I expect to get about 600 miles out of mine, for a cost per mile of 5p, which reckon for me isn't bad.

    Footnote: Commonly accepted incorrect running fact: Maximum heart tate is 220 minus age. There is no evidence whatsoever to support this statement. No studies have ever been reported that even begin to substantiate the assertion. It's just one of those "facts" that people believe when told, and then pass on with faux certaintly - same as the 500 miles out of a pair of running shoes myth.
  • I track the miles that every shoe does on a spreadsheet. They get replaced when they've lost their bounce or have a hole in them. About half the miles are on trails, but I'm consistently getting 400 - 500 miles per pair (Asics Kayano). Pretty dire considering a car tye lasts at least 10,000 miles!
  • but a car tyre doesn't hit the ground 90 times per minute
  • Tom
    i get at least 500 miles out of my shoes, despite being a large hippo

    I know when they are worn out, i start getting niggles

    there was one wonderful pair of shoes i got 700 miles out of
    i dont think weight has everything to do with it
  • just another persoanl onservation
    There was one pair of shoes that i used almost exclusively for racing
    they did actually wear out quicker
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Hippo, I think you may be right about weight not being a factor - except possibly in the extreme. It would be interesting to consider whether males (generally heavier) wore out there shoes more quickly than females. I think running style is a factor - my examples 14st heel striker cf 9st midfoot striker where mean't to be the extremes of style rather than of weight. Another unquantifiable element is the make of shoe itself - I can get 850 miles out of Nike pegasus, but only managed 350 out of a pair of Puma perseus.

    I think the uncertainty of the above simply serves to reinforce my contention that different shoes wore by different runners/types will last different lengths of time.
  • I only ever wear the same shoe
    (saucony grid hurricane)

    not sure how i run, but these are heavily cushioned shoes
    i know i run very quietly
  • I just bought myself a pair of New Balance 1061's. Talk about comfy, bloody lovely they are. BUT and here's the but. First run, huge blister after 9 miles, third run i turned my ankle on the road and badly twisted my ankle. No running for 7 days plus. :-(
  • Look at me:-(, still not running. Brutal injury that twisted ankle. How much longer shall I rest? Any tips anyone?
  • How many kilometers does your running shoes withstand? I have two pair of Asics which last around 220 km each of them.

    Sorry to ressurect an old topic but I can't make new thread as a new user.
  • chamolkchamolk ✭✭✭
    I quite easily get 500 miles out of my ASICS nimbus shoes, though I've noticed they wear out a bit quicker than they used to some years ago. Even at 500 miles they often seem ok so I just use them after that for walking or going to the gym.

    Maybe there's something I'm missing but the shoes still feel comfortable enough and I'm not getting any injuries. I just get rid of them once they get too firm/hard/ uncomfortable 
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