labrum tear (hip)

I've had a hip problem for about ten years.

Had countless physio sessions, osteopathy, Pilates, x-rays and an MRI. Never helped.

Finally, had an ultrasound today and the operator spotted the tear straightaway. Apparently, I need a MR arthurogram (?) to confirm it but it basically needs an op.

It's a relatively recently discovered problem (last ten years, more prolific in sports people).

Does anyone have any experience of it?

Does the surgery work? From Googling it, it appears to have a 90% success rate which is good enough for me!


  • Before surgery you may want to consider Physio specifically aimed at the hip and injection (cortisone) therapy. Arthroscopy can trim tha tear but there is some concern that this will lead to increased chane of OA hip. the labrum is an important cushion for the hip joint. Also make sure you shoes are right and well cushioned and you may want to look at Chi Running if you are going to carry on running
  • Thanks. I've already had years of physio and the last bloke came to the conclusion that the structural problem (i.e. the tear) was preventing the exercises from working.

    What's OA hip? Osteo-arthritis?

    I've always had to wear cushioned shoes and run off-road. I'm just a little concerned too that it may be too late to fix the tear as it's been a problem for so long.
  • OA = osteoarthritis

    You need to see a doc then, get it injected (and that is not easy)

    Failing that a trim may be needed

    Where are you in the coutry I know a man in Caqmbridge who is the bees knees
  • Bees knees sounds better than runner's knees...
  • There's a bloke called Villar in Cambridge who's apparently the best in the UK regarding these things.

    I'm in north London and my local hospitals are the Royal Free or Barnet General. Not sure which place I should push for a referral to?
  • He is the one, no better man in the land with a hip scope and easily worth the trip out. although be quick because he goes to India for three months a year to do Indian hips for buchshee in the new Year
  • If you want to see him, send me your details and I will refer you to him ( privately only though)
  • Can't afford privately, I'm afraid. Wish I could, he sounds so confident that it'd work.

    I'll have to work my way through the quagmire that is the NHS.
  • Thanks though. Was thinking about sending a quick email to him just to ask a couple of questions but I don't think he'd want to get into that.
  • Sent an email and got a response - quite helpful. Can see him through the NHS if my PCT stump up the cash. Privately is about £4-5k which I can't afford.

    I dunno what I've done though but it's been hurting like there's a spike up there for the last few days. D*mn painful.
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