heart rates for a 24 year old.

Hi All I'm two weeks into my london program now and i'm doing it with a HRM but I've thought that the suggested heart rates for the different runs could be wrong. I have two sets worked out.

easy 50 - 60%
either 90-117 or 124-138 bpm

steady 60 - 75%
either 117-147 or 138-159 bpm

tempo 85%+
either 166 or 173 bpm

which would you guys say is the right set of heart rates to aim for, the first ones for each or the second?


  • do a maximum heart rate test and then you will know
    most people dont fit a formula
  • What Hippo said.

    It's crucial to measure your own figures correctly. Just using the numbers you've quoted above as an example - for me, 147 bpm is equivalent to 70% which I use as a ceiling for my effort levels on long runs. (My average HR tends to be around 142 - 143.) Now if I tried to maintain 159 bpm on, say, a 15 mile run I doubt I'd even want to finish it, and I'd definitely be overdoing things.

    Work out your MHR and enjoy the training!
  • Interested in this too. I've got a HRM and on my long runs I'm averaging 170ish which sounds high to me.

    How do I find my personal Max Heart Rate?
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