Thursday session 27 Feb 2003

Back from my short trip to New York and a great place New York is, although, with the exception of Central Park not really a very runner friendly city. The grid system of streets means that there are traffic light controlled crossings at least every 300 meters or so which would make getting into a rhythm almost impossible – hence I did my entire running on the treadmill. Still with the streets closed I imagine a spectacular place to run a marathon.
My next priority is to get my knee injury on the mend and whilst I have the prognosis I have to wait three weeks to get into the podiatrist to get orthotics made although I can start physio probably next week. I have invested in some new (motion control) shoes in the meantime (Brooks Addiction) but I may take the decision to give up running for a month to give my recovery a kick-start. I’ll make the decision this weekend.
Today: Enforced rest
Why: Business dinner
Last hard: Monday
Last rest: Thursday


  • Good luck martin

    Ive given myself a big smack, got out there and done 4.3 miles of fartlek and three tiny hill reps
    Its a start
  • Morning all

    Well done Hippo - don't beat yourself too often, you might get to enjoy it!

    What: 6 miles, probably easy, this evening
    Why: 9 miles last night and can feel a slight pull at back of my knee
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last easy: Tuesday, rest

    Have a good one
  • Morning all.

    What: 12-ish miles roung the roads this afternoon.
    Why: It's what I'm due to do today. It will be my longest run this week.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest day: Yesterday. It wasn't supposed to be a rest day, but my morning and evening surgeries both overran so much that there wasn't time to fit in even a little speed session. Still, I'd run 29 miles in the previous 3 days and expect to run another 20 or so in the next two, so a rest won't have done me any harm.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Welcome back Martin , I too love NY , but agree that its not the easiest place to get running routes. South Manhattan - Battery Park is OK (route by the river) is OK if you're staying 'downtown'.
    I'd recommend doing the NYC marathon - did it in '97, although it hurt like hell, driving rain and was blowing a gale, probably not sightseeing weather!

    Not been here for a few days so a quick recap:
    Monday : 3 miles easy recovery (post Bramley)
    Tuesday : Marwell Zoo - well it is half term
    Wednesday : Aquadrome for water slide fun (well it is half term)
    followed by 1.25mile run to gym,400m jog followed by 6*800m fast (16kmph/3.00mins) with 400 recovs (12kmph/2.00mins) 450m easy to finish.(treadmill : 8.05kms/5miles in 34.12)
    1.25 mile jog home

    Today : 7miles steady
    Why : Midweek run

    See y'all soon......
  • Hello!

    What: Whatever I can fit in between big project meeting and pub. sprint intervals on the treadmill, maybe.
    Why: Dunno.
    Hard: Tuesday at club.
    Rest: Yesterday.

    Got to dash!
  • Morning Folks,

    glad you had a nice break Martin, and good going Hippo! Yesterdays alledgedly easy day (7miler) turned into a 11miler as I thought I'll go on a new route (the weather was just far too good to waste!), with some really exciting 'dodge the tourist' work (does this count as fartlek?). BTW I'm not being scathing about tourists, most of home are unfailingly polite in trying to move out of the way.

    So today is : Club night. I'm may do the shorter run as I'm thinking of doing the 5k race tomorrow in Hyde Park as speedwork.
    Last Hard : Tuesday
    Last Rest : Monday
  • Morning all,

    Glad I got out of the house and did the training this monring. Not giving my legs time to feel sorry for them selves

    What AM : 5.5 Mile run at a really slow pace. Feels odd but definatly worth doing
    What PM : 5 Mile warm up run and an hour of circuit training
    Why : Thursday is circuits night and the run this morning was to a) add to my training and b) help my legs recover from yesterday
    Last Hard : Yesterdays 5k test on the rowing machine
    Last Rest : Tuesday
  • Morning All,

    best of luck with the knee Martin. Nice one Hippo.

    What: 11M (1M warm-up, 15K @~1/2M pace (57:42), 1M cool-down)
    Why: Thursdays tempo session.
    Last hard run: Today
    Last rest day: Monday

    Well still felt a bit flat, perhaps I ran Sunday's 23 miler too quick. Last time I did this session (about 3 weeks ago) I ran 57 min flat for the 15K, but I'm not going to fret, day off tomorrow so no doubt that'll put some spring back in my step!

  • Morning.

    I'm continually impressed by the mileage recorded here, it makes me feel like a real novice but that's ok as that's what I am! Plenty of time for me to improve after I complete my first FLM.

    What: 4M
    Why: It says so in my spreadsheet
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Monday
  • Morning All,

    What: not really sure whether to run today

    Why: did a 7M midweeker yesterday but was in agony with shinsplints.

    Last hard: Tuesday

    Last rest: Monday

    Can anyone help me? I'm doing everything I can think of - my trainers are in good condition, I stretch, I ice, I sit in ice baths, I use Ibuprofen gel, I run on soft surfaces for most runs, I rest, I've built up the training gradually.....WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! The shin pain now extends from about two inches below my knees to my ankles, and though it abates slightly after the initial 15mins of torture, I'm in quite a lot of pain after. I don't know what to do - I'm doing Silverstone this weekend in prep for the FLM and am desparate for advice, as the training is really starting to pay off in every way other than my injury frequency!!!

    Cheers for any help,

  • Not posted here for a week or so, but still training with club, and I think maybe the speed work is working, did 8.53 for 1 of my mile sprints the fastest yet, started off at 9.54 2 months ago, so well pleased with that.
  • what: repeating my speedwork from wednesday morning, ie either 6 miles including 3 at "half marathon" pace, or 7 miles including 3.5 at half marathon pace. (Cant decide which yet)

    why: cos I had to stop half way round on wednesday due to dreaded runner's trots.

    last hard: saturday (13.2 in 2hrs 10)
    last rest: yesterday (Aborted run count it as rest day)
  • What: 8miles. 1hr 37. Definitely in the category of dress rehearsal for the second half of something long and painful. Legs started off stiff and never changed. Well I suppose they could have got worse.

    Two things in life one has little control over: hope and fear. The latter's got it's teeth in me. Four days off running now, due to a busy weekend, so the issue won't arise til Tuesday. Probably not a bad thing.
  • Morning all,

    Today: 8 miles easy run
    Why: recovery from yesterdays tempo run
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Friday
  • Hello all,

    Firstly..Hippo...well done..sounds like a good sesh..

    Vrap...bloody hell! You're clocking up the mileage!!'s nice to know you're out there too...

    For me:

    What: 7 miles medium with a couple of strides
    Why: Recommended by Hilly earlier in the week..

    Last hard: Sunday..
    Last rest: Yesterday

    This is an easy week and I'm enjoying it!!!

    Have a great day all....
  • Oh, one other thing...Freakette...I'm sorry I can't offer any advice apart from rest but I know how frustrating the whole thing can be. Although I've not had shinsplints, I've had other injuries and they take so much longer to clear up if you keep running..but I guess you know that...

    ...can't believe you sit in ice baths...I tried an ice cold water bath once and it actually hurt!!!
  • Morning all,

    Well done Wicked Witch, about to give your personal trainer a ring for some sports massage.

    Commiserations Freakette, sorry don't have any advice except to say Tim Noakes says shinsplints are common in runners increasing mileage and eventually (obviously this is a fine balance...) the bones strengthen and the shinsplints go away by themselves. Now isn't that what you wanted to hear?

    What: 1700 m swim tonight.
    Why: 21 mile run planned for tomorrow and my legs are feeling a bit tired this week.
    Last hard: yesterday's mile intervals. Are you really supposed to do them at 5K pace? I couldn't get faster than 10K pace for the life of me.
    Last rest: Tues

    Must go, a fault line has appeared in the pile of admin on my desk, the only thing that's up to date is my running log.

    Have a good day all.
  • Freakette,

    you say your shoes are in good condition, but how many miles have they done? Has your running style changed over time, meaning you would be better in a different type of shoe?

    I do have some shin pain/tenderness also but nothing so bad that it actually stops me running.

    I'm afraid thats all the help I can. Maybe some of the more experienced forumites may have an idea.
  • Morning everyone, it's so nice to be off work and choose when to do whatever.

    Freakette-it's right what RB says the only way to cure shinsplints is to rest, which is obviously not what you want with a marathon pending.

    I know you say your shoes are ok, but did you get them from a 'proper' running shop with advice that they are the right shoes for you? I used to suffer shinsplints when I first started running, not nice and as you say very frustrating.

    I always replace my insoles in my shoes with Sorbothane because they give extra impact cushioning. I use them because of a long term lower back complaint but it might be worth trying them for your shinsplints. You can also buy shin supports (not tubular bandage)in sports shops that just might lessen the amount of pain. Also, how about seeing a sports massage therapist/physio who will be able to offer stretching advice and even ultra sound. Apart from this I can only suggest rest.

    Good luck and best wishes.
  • What:swim this evening
    Why:Doing Christchurch 20 on Sunday and even though I'm not racing it (well I'll try not to)I don't want to start with too tired legs & did do 14 @ marathon pace yesterday, plus my back's a little sore-lots of excuses there!
    Last hard:Mon
    Last rest:today.
  • Parky, Laura - thanks for the encouragement guys;)

    My shoes are just-broken-in-and-starting-to-get-comfy-stage, so they're ok mileage-wise. You could be right about my gait changes, though when I had it looked at a few months ago, I was told I was a mild overpronator, and to use the Asics 2080 or equivalent. Could my gait have changed in that time? My running is quite a bit faster and I guess smoother now, but shouldn't that reduce my injury risk? I have also read that bit on shinsplints in the 'Lore of Running', and take calcium supplements to try and optimize my bone strength.

    Any more suggestions?

  • Hilly - just read your post - thanks!

    Yes, I went to 3 different specialist running shops before buying my shoes, and each told me the same thing, which was encouraging. It may be time for an update though. Do you actually have to wear the shin supports whilst running? I'll give the Sorbothanes a go though, and am making a physio appointment ASAP.

    Thanks for your help and good luck with your training;)
  • bad luck, Freakette - shame about the timing. I'm not sure that shin splints have anything to do with your bones, it's more of a muscle/tendon type injury. can be caused by lots of things as well as shoes: e.g. tight hams and calves (try stretching these more specifically); running too high on your toes; leaning too far forward; overstriding (very common among beginners); sudden changes in mileage, hill running, speed training. it's a good idea to find an exercise that strengthens the anterior tibialis, such as "toe lifts". good luck with it.

    what: 2M warm-up; 3x2M @ 10K pace with 90 sec. recoveries; then 1x1M @ 5K pace; 1M warm-down.
    why: LT work-out for Reading 1/2M coming up next week - and I couldn't face another 15M marathon pace tempo run :-(
    last rest: Monday
    last hard day: Tuesday
  • Hello Achilles- I have the same dread of 15 mile marathon pace runs.
    What- 5 times 1600 metres with 400 metres recoveries- pace for reps: 16.1,16.3,16.5,16.7,16.9kph
    Why- The second hard session this week on my schedule
    Last Hard- yesterday
    Last easy- Tuesday

    Felt hard but didn't struggle so I'm upbeat today.
  • Wow monique that fast for 1600 metre reps! I take it thats on a treadmill? Are you using the 1% gradient theory? How many litres of sweat do you shed? Is that your own treadmill or one in a gym?
  • Afraid it looks like nothing again....
    ...just can't quite shake off the last vestiges of this throat bug.
  • Afternoon.

    What: 4½ miles easy
    Why: Scheduled recovery run
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    last Rest: Sunday
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    I sympathise with Freakette as I think I may have mild shin splints. It's only in my right leg but it's quite tender (although not to touch) on the inside area of my shin, just above the ankle bone. When I'm running it feels quite tight, like I need to stretch it all the time. I've probably upped my mileage too fast, and as I'm useless at pacing myself, taken the new distances too fast.

    What: Nothing - rest day.
    Why: Scheduled rest day anyway, but need to rest my poor legs. My feet are killing me too: corn on right little toe, rock-hard skin in various places on the soles of my feet which is really sore :-(
    Last hard: Last night - supposed to be a 4-mile easy/recovery run, but ended up being 8 minute miles which is only fractionally slower than my tempo pace, so not very restful!
    Last rest: Tuesday.
  • Hi all.

    What: 20 min swim + 5 min sauna
    Why: Did 4 mile run at lunchtime yesterday followed by evil bleep test yesterday evening
    Last hard: Sunday - 7 miles - probably not hard by most of your standards but hard by mine as I haven't been training enough recently so I really struggled!
    Last rest: Monday
  • Hi everyone.

    What: Had planned 3x1600m with 400m recovery (Tues missed session) but only had time for 2 reps then into Bodypump class
    Why: bit of speed/bit of strength training
    Last hard: Sun
    Last rest: Fri tho Mon & Tues were both v easy. In fact yesterday was pretty easy too, 7mi but v slowly. Its amazing how much 20mi can take it out of you!
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