Ok this is weird

OK this is a really weird one but i have a kind of spot on my big toe. It is right next to the side of the nail on the inside of the big toe.

It is not hard skin as I tried to file it down and it started to bleed (so not happy).

It doesn't hurt or anything but should I get it checked out? - cause I know it shouldn't be there.



  • Wart ?

    Or worse, maybe it is the seed of a new alien generation :-(
  • verucca?
  • If it's a wart/verruca, after you filed it down you should've been able to see a sort of "fairy ring" - a circle of dark spots at the centre - which is the root.
  • Ohhh, not so nice! I'm a beauty therapist, but haven't come across anything like this. My advice would be to get it checked out for sure.

  • How goes it then JJJ ? Any news ?
  • Sorry just go chance to come back to internet.

    Not a wart or verruca- tis odd and hasn't gone away but will have to wait til after chrimbo to see the Dr (of course)
  • We're all intrigued now. Is it hot to the touch?
  • Any news JJJ? Hope all is OK x
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