aching shoulders/neck

I find I have aching shoulders and neck after roughly an hour of running. I think the main reason for this may be because I tend to swing my upper body side to side as I run. Has anyone any tips for reducing the swing?? I do try and keep my arms still and not to hold them too high. Would weight training help? ie strengthen my shoulder muscles??


  • Hi Amanda,

    do you clench your fists when you run?

  • And if you are trying to hold your arms still you may be causing too much tension in your shoulders as well.
  • No I don't clench my fists, but I may not be very relaxed in my arms and that tension could go through to shoulders. Thanks.
  • Pilates would probably help more than weight training. Gives you a strong core and also helps with posture.
  • Maybe try altering your running style a bit to reduce excessive lateral movements. As you run, periodically shake your arms and shrug the shoulders to loosen any tension. Moving the head from side to side (taking ear towards shoulder) helps too.

    Weights will help to strengthen the upper body. Do military presses, lateral raises and upright rows using dumbbells for the shoulder area. For back strength, do rows and the lat pull down machine.

    Agree about core strength - also never underestimate the value of full press-ups for strength. Learn how to do them and you'll never have a weak upper bod again!
  • Not being funny, but does your sports bra fit? If you are a bit on the busty side and running without proper support it is quite possible to get upper thoracic/ neck pain from your posture. Sorry to be so personal!!
  • Thanks Jingli!! I'm not busty! I'll try all the ideas given. Thanks very much.
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