Stamford Striders St Valentine's 30K

Hello Valentinees

Its nearly Christmas and that means you know whether you are in or out for FLM 2007 - hope you were successful in the ballot. If you are planning to run round the streets of London in April, you will find this race a fantastic event to gauge how your training is going and to give you something intermediate to aim for.

And this year, we are honoured and pleased to announce (you've heard it here first) that 5 of the Runners World pacers who will be doing FLM are running the 30K St Valentines event - there will be a pace group from 7min/mile to 11 min/mile. So this will provide you were the perfect opportunity to test out your pacing if you wish.

Have a good Christmas everyone and hope to see you in Stamford in February.


  • Happy New Year Valentine Runners from Stamford Striders. You are entering the race thick and fast this year. Remember if you are planning to run the race this year, there are no entries on the day, so get your entry in as soon as you can.

    And a very very big thank you to everyone who ran in 2006 and voted for the race on Runners World. We are delighted to see the race move from 80th in 2005 to 66th in 2006 in the Runners World Top 100 UK races. So thanks to you all, and to everyone from the club and the town of Stamford who helps to make the race so successful.

    Love Running..... Love the 30K.

    See you in next month hopefully.
  • I am hoping to do this race again. I did it in 2004 and 2005.
  • Look forward to seeing you next month then Rickster. Hopefully weather will be better than in 2005 when I think it was quite windy. Always a chance of some inclement weather at that time of year though.

    Don't forget we have no entries on the day this year so get your entry in soon.
  • Not long now.
  • Got my number, it has a pink 'L' in the corner, hope this doesnt mean the organisers have me mistakenly down as a Female?!
  • Charles - I certainly hope they've got us down as Ladies, because we are Ladies, of course, and we like Ladies' things. On the other hand, I suspect my number may have an 'XL' on it.

    Best of luck to the pacers - if they can run an even pace at Stamford, they'll.... well, atually, they'll completely stuff it up at London.

    Looks like I might be fit for this one again. Top race. :-)
  • Of course, cheers Swerve. Looking at the course profile, I'm going to try and run with a pace group for the first time ever, should be a good early marker for London. Can anyone advise if it is difficult to get out the front of a pace group or take drinks due to congestion?
  • Will be doing this as part of my build up to the Marathon de Sables, starting on March 25th. I will be the only one with a rucksack, probably!

  • Wow Paul that will be tough going with a rucksack on. What kind of weight do you have in it when you run. We have a club member at the moment who is training for the marine reserves and he is running with his rucksack - slows him down somewhat but I still struggle to keep up with him!
  • Don't worry Charles, the 'L'on your number is just to identify the tee shirt size you ordered on your entry form. I couldn't possibly comment on whether Swerve's number will have XL on it.

    Puffed sleeves and pink lace edging are extra (sequins optional).
  • Got my number today. See you all there.
  • Puffed sleeves and pink lace edging - wow - you turn up in that on the 11th, Gordo, its sure to cause a stir - what a sight to greet the runners at the finish line!!

  • I did this as my first ever race in 2005. It was great for 25K then I thought the world had fallen in on me! So I'm looking forward to doing it again this year - and feeling better at the finish - and hoping that it's not as windy:)
  • Hi all

    what pace will the pacemakers be going at and will they make allowance for the ups and downs or stay at the same pace all the time.

    It would be nice to say hello to you all on the day but how will recognise each other?
  • What I have on under my time-keeper's bib and seven layers of thermals is between me, my analyst and that marmoset in the straw hat, Running Babe.

  • M Heal - in other races people from the forum have done things like wear green ribbon on your shirt to identify each other and/or have a meeting point (usually a pub after!)
  • M Neal - My understanding is the pacemakers will be running at 7, 8, 9 10 and 11min/mile. Not sure how they will deal with the undulations but my guess is that these will be the average pacing so they will make adjustments. It will be an interesting challenge for them - certainly good practice for FLM which I think is the idea.

  • this was in my schedule as build up for FLM but due to injury am now not sure. Would value some advise.
    I had built up to 17 miles by the end of nov then did a HM mid dec in which my ITB flared up again. I had a few fustrating weeks of only being able to run a few miles but have now been able to increase that slowely. Thur last week I did 8.5 then yesterday 10.7 miles without any probs. I have worked out that if I add 2 miles each week I should be there in time but am wondering if it is sensible to add 2 miles each week as a lot of schedules have a few weeks increasing then an easy week.
    the sensible part of me is saying dont do it as FLM is most important but maybe I am being over cautiuos. Another option would be to increase by a bit more than 2 miles each week then I can fit in an easy week?
  • couple of us are coming down from Sheffield for 2nd year, entries in post today. hope it is not as wet as last year at the finish. great event, very friendly.
  • How many people from outside the county will get a big shock when they realise that Lincolnshire isn't completely flat?
  • Running Babe - sorry for the dealy - been training! I usually run 3-4x a week at the moment with a rucksack, with between 3-7kg in it.
  • Running Babe - sorry for the delay - been training! I usually run 3-4x a week at the moment with a rucksack, with between 3-7kg in it.
  • Hellen - It seems you have similar problems and schedule to me. As you say, the FLM is more important so sadly, I'm going to pull out of this one rather than risk another flare up by increasing distance too quickly. Is the race full? Can I transfer my number to anyone?

  • Mike, still undecided about this, am tempted to go with the 10/mile pacer and force myself to stay with them then just looked and it says online entry now full. Can I still enter by post if I decide to do it?
  • just seen that the info has been updated and race is now full,not just online entry.
    had been chopping and changing my mind over this and more or less decided not to but then last night thought I would see how my LR went this weekend then decide. looks like the decision has been taken out of my hands
  • Sounds like the right decision. I think if you have any doubt, then the answer is 'don't risk it'. You might end up slower in the FLM but at least you'll be fit by then. Good luck.

    In the meantime, I have place in the Stamford 30k going begging. Is it possible / allowed to transfer this to someone else? If so, if anyone would like my place, please just say so

  • I really hope it's not hundreds of people entering to run with the pacers, thanks to all the RW publicity. That would have the potential to ruin a brilliant race (yes, race, not training run).
  • Mike, I may still be tempted afer the weekend when I see how my LSR goes
  • Swerve - does it really matter whether people are racing it or treating it as a training run? The more who are treating it as a training run the better chance those racing it have of getting a higher position.
  • Hellen, no, not at all - I'll be taking it easy with a view to marathon training too. But it's still a race first and foremost, so I'm just a bit concerned that people who are actually racing might be obstructed by large packs of people following pacers, and I'm also concerned that racers won't now get in because of rapid uptake by a high volume of training runners.

    Hopefully I'm completely wrong, but it would be a great shame to change the character of the race - it's a real gem.
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