x country spikes for an overpronater

Hi All
I am looking for some advice as i have started running in some x country races and am now looking to buy some spikes,
I road run in assics evolution 2s and also have newbalance 782 off road shoes, so as you can see i overpronate and do wear ortotics in my off road shoes.
so can anyone reccomend some suitable spikes for an overpronater


  • should of said orthotics.
    english not my strongest subject
  • NO joy yet any help please?
  • I'm not sure such things really exist. Most people don't cover long distances in spikes, I've only ever used them for facing or occasionally hill work, and its all on grass/mud, so there is generally no need for specialist motion control spikes. Just buy a pair of cross-country spikes (which will have some heels) that fit you well.
  • racing that is :-)
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