Committment on Line

I wasn't going to go out this morning. I had planned to but the duvet was warm and it was raining. However I thought of This Forum and I got up.
I went out a slug and came back with my self esteem.

I have committed to lose a stone before I do the Alton 10K. (don't worry I have 4 to lose!)

The Mr has said he will help and you heard it here second!!!

Running is great - it gives you such an opportunity to sort things out in your mind.

Now for the next commitmment - try and get the toddler to eat fruit.......


  • Inspiration to me soozie,I shall now go out as well!!I am more a fairweather runner so the rain put me off.Toddlers now!!!Cant remember anything about them(its a time we tend to forget with ease)but canny get teenagers to eat fruit either1
  • Stewed apples.......sorry, that what both my two not-so-little ones started on before moving onto fully fledged fruit, alternatively nectarines seems to the favorite.

    Well done on getting out the door.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Thanks Soozie, you've pricked my conscience...I've been using the drizzly rain as an excuse not to go this morning. Can't use that one any more as it's stopped!
  • I actually like running in the rain - splashing through puddles can be good fun. I'm glad to see the back of the hot weather!
  • Go girl!

    Soozie, that's great news. We should use your message in an advertising campaign :-)

    Have a terrific weekend - run well!

    Sean, RW
  • Hope allgoes well with the toddler eating fruit! - mine are OK with bananas and strawberrries (+ sugar), but vegetables are another matter......
  • I am a bit of a beginner - February this year. I am afraid I use my running to get away from my toddler (that sounds awful) - a whole hour for just myself. I love running in the rain though - I always seem to run my fastest in the rain. Doing a 10K on Sunday and praying for a nice drizzle. My toddler loves grapes, bananas and raisins!

  • Toddler can sniff out anything fresh at 20 paces. It can't be wet or brightly coloured. You know - I might try stewed apples - it just sounds too simple.
    Will check him for signs of scurvy and let you know..
  • Steer clear of kiwi fruit, Soozie - they're nappy armageddon. And all of my kids have had very sore bums at some time as a result of being allowed to feed freely on grapes.

    What worked for me was to get myself a big plate of fruit or vegetables and tell the sprog-of-the-moment that it was mine, not theirs. That soon had them positively begging! I'm trying the same thing now (with limited success) to get numbers 3 and 4 to eat recognisable meat instead of fish fingers and chicken nuggets.
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