• Greeny, should I look?
  • You never know, you might like it!
  • No, I won't Greeny! Doesn't take much to shock me.....
  • ha ha ha he he he lol,
    really laughed out loud on this one Greeny, dont mean to be disrespectful, but it is funny.
  • maybe I'll check that one out from home
  • You'll never get to heaven Greeny....
  • very good,very funny and in excellently low long til some bigot,sorry, deeplyreligiouspersonirespectandtoleratetheirfaithingodthoughihavenoneofmyown,pushes the moderator button?i reckon about 1/2 hour...interesting test of christian tolerance this one.
  • It's going to happen, but Alex.. this time it won't be you they are getting at!!!!!

    Greeny's turn to be damned.
  • Love the bunny slips! I have some similar but mine are blue with cat faces!
  • that is the best thing I've seen on the web today
  • Well Alex, I guess I've passed the test of Christian tolerance then. I thought it was very funny, but I can imagine a huge number of my parishioners who would be horrified. I tell you really does irritate me though.... what do you think would happen if the website tried that with Mohammed (peace be upon him)? I do feel things are rather unequal there.
  • In fact, any Muslims out there who'd like to give their views?
  • surely we should all have been smited by now? *dodges lightning bolt*
  • sassie,well done.
    usually i find those with most conviction are the most tolerant-and the converse rather like like the guy who just scrapes into the team is the first to buy the tie,or those who've just given up are the biggest preachers of non smoking....guess its a security thing.and i agree that in these pc days you'd better be careful.was very uplifted by news from census that we now have jedi as 4th largest uk religious group,though.hoorah for silliness when necessary.and am along with something like 77% of population c of e though non attending...i don't know how mohammed(peace etc) finished up,happy to learn though...and i suspect,as with most things, there's a website somewhere taking the micky...
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Cheers Greeny - something to keep me occupied tomorrow.
  • You are going to hell, go directly to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.

    That was a funny web-site...Jesus in a turg tux...interesting. Think I'll send it to Jessie Jackson and maybe the Pope. Couldn't pull up the Osama one bad...
  • Greeny, was playing with your thingy and Mrs came in and made me turn it off!

    well done..hehehe
  • Sassie.. well done for understanding.. it's not that we laugh out of anything other than humour.
  • You were playing with my what??!!!

    That's reserved for certain forumites only ;-)
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