How many long runs for a marathon?

Hi, I'm doing the Rome Marathon on 23 March 2003. I'd love to complete in under 3.45. The maximum weekly mileage I've been doing is about 50 miles - had an easy week last week of 25 miles plus intervals (10 x 300m)and a gym session although this did include a 6 mile race.
I've already done two long runs of over 3 hours and intend to do the Milford 21 XC on Sunday (sore throat permitting!). Any ideas as to how many long runs should ideally be done for a marathon?


  • you should be fine even if you do nothing between your 21 and the certainly needn't bother with any more long runs after the 21....maybe a few 10s to keep the psychological factor of distance still going....
    sounds like you've been doing the perfect training, and good luck on sunday!
    for my last marathon i did about 35 miles a week including one 15 miler each week and a few 4 milers at 'speed'. i had been doing this for about a year. in the build up to the race i only ever ran further than this once and that was a 20 miler about 4 weeks before. i finished in 3.30. am doing flm this year and my training is still about the same although i've done a few more 20s. would like 3.20 something but being realistic would be very happy with another 3.30....
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    To achieve the best endurance, stick to the old formula of 5 long runs equalling 100 miles or more in total. A lot of runners also try and squeeze in a midweek run of 10-15 miles occasionally. Keep entering the races, they will make you faster and help your marathon pace feel more comfortable. Best of luck, lovely city to do a marathon in as well.
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