Snapping Hip Syndrome - achy hips

I was diagnosed with this many a year ago through an x-ray which points out that I have a wide pelvis and very narrow waist.

I find that my tendon "twangs" off my outer hip joint and can get extremely sore to the extent that I can't sometimes get up. I've also found that my hips deep inside are really sore too.

I had found that when I started running that it never used to bother me, but recently I've found that the hip pain is slowing getting worse.

Does anyone know anything about this and if there is anything I can do - after all I can't change the shape of my bones, but will something like glucosamine help at all?




  • Can you get massage? Sounds like something attached to muscle is tight, and that being the case, there are things (massage) that can help, as well as stretching and strengthening of course.

    As I get older and rustier, I have increasing trouble with tight tendons that sometimes pull my hip so it doesn't track correctly. If I stop immediately, grab a lamp post and swing my leg forwards and pack until I feel it click back into place I can carry on running, no problems. Ignore it and I am lame indeed. Usually so lame within 50metres that I can't run at all, so maybe not the same thing. (And I stay lame for 3 days if I am so foolish as to try and run.)

    But in answer to your question - probably there are ways round it. Get some help?
  • I probably should really.. though I'm always a bit nervous as the only option I was told was steriod injections which failed miserably and was literally unable to move due the pain for 3 days afterwards.
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