Running shoe lifespan

Hello there everyone, I am after some advice on how long a running shoe actually lasts for and after how many miles should I change them?

I know the standard 400 miles or 6 months whichever comes first theory but in reality what is true?

I am 70kg and wear asics 2110 90% on road and so far have done 600-700 miles in them but are they necessarily knackard just because they are old?

I am running in them now without issue but am I doing a bad thing tempting injury or a good thing by getting the most out of my shoes?


  • I've had a pair of trail shoes shot through after 300 miles. There are ways to check on them. One is supposed to be to put them on a level surface and check for wobble when you press from the side. The other I know is the flex test. Hold the heel and bend the toe part up. the show should only flex from where the ball of your foot would be. Any further back and its shot. If you can make toe bend back into the heel area they are truly knackered.

    Personally I'd rather spend money earlier than I need to rather than risk injury.

    Have a look at these links. Might be helpful.
  • Mark, as jonny says, they may feel comfy and familiar, but their cushioning and stability aspects have probably been lost.

    I have always been told 300-500 miles is the average life span, but you may just e very light on your feet.

    Try going to a running shop and see if new ones feel any better. Do you have any plans for big races? All the running shops i've been to suggest running the marathon in a different pair of shoes to those which you do the bulk of your training for it in so they still have some spring left to help on the big day.

    As for injury, we all know the danger of changing shoes to an unsuitable new pair, but if you go to a running shop they wil hopefully find you the perfect new set. Any loss or change in structure and cushioning may lead to your running gait subtly changing which could potentially damage the joints in your lower limb.

    Its christmas. treat yourself!

  • I also have a pair of 2110s but these are just at 350ish miles. I've noticed that my feet ache especially the arch recently can I attribute this to my shoes wearing out?
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