Help me back from illness

After my long sunday run 2 weeks ago I fell ill with flu. I was bedridden for a week and am now well into the second week and on the road to recovery. (Just a cough, bit of a cloggy head, and a few aches left.)

The thing is I had built up to a 20-30 mile/week including sunday 10/12 milers in preparation for Bath. If I can resume training this weekend for Bath Half in just a fortnight what sort of schedule should I be jumping back into?

I was never intending to 'race' Bath as such but having got 4 12/13 milers under my belt I had been hoping to go for my best time.


  • Hi Keswick1uk,
    To be honest, you should be fairly fit nad two weeks off shouldn't do you too much harm - and might even have done you some good! You need to be careful about rushing back into your training - and basically just see how you feel on the day as to whether you want to push yourself for your PB at Bath. And if it doesn't happen on that day don't beat yourself up about it - just concentrate on training for your next race and hopefully avoiding the flu bug!
  • Thanks Malteser.

    It certainly has had the advantage of clearing up my blisters and I've lost that stubborn few pounds too.

    I'll go out for a slow run tomorrow.
  • ummmmmm - that sounds like a dose of "proper" flu - in which case you might have lost quite a lot, and may not yet be fully recovered.
    Being still not quite 100% myself, I understand the need to get back out there, but after flu I would strongly suggest you be careful.
  • Yes, I'm sure it was proper flu. I don't tend to stop for very much. This one I had no choice; my body wouldn't work.

    I know I have to get back at sometime. I seem to have avoided it going to my chest which is good. I've decided to take it easy and 'listen' to my body but the hardest thing is going to be being honest with myself over Bath.
  • If it's only a fortnight to Bath, then you would have started to taper anyway, so just have a couple of easy weeks and you'll be fine.
    Good luck with the race.
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