PureLime Medium Impact Sports Top

I don't particularly like sports bras with all their various fastenings, and I tend to chafe rather easily in the bra area - so quite a difficult bra customer. My favourite sports "bra" therefroe isn't a bra but more of a top - saves all the fastening, and less potential for rubbing in unwanted places. Very soft and comfortable, provides good support also for the better endowed. It feels like cotton, is very breathable, but also gets and stays rather wet if you "perspire" a lot. It comes in white and black, the black tends to stain skin and T-shirt when it gets wet or sweaty - so I stick with white. Which has brought me through several marathons without chafing or ill effect, so much recommended.


  • And this was actually meant to be a product review - must have pressed the wrong button. Never mind - hopefully still helpful for some...
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