Runner's world t shirts

Do Runner's world do t shirts for subscribers?


  • Someone was doing URWFRC vests, Bear might know who.
  • URWFRC (Unofficial Runners World Forum Running Club) vests are no longer available.........those of us who have them are treating them like cherished possessions.........

    now - it doesn't stop anyone else doing something similar and maybe RW should consider something...........after all we have the triathlon Pirate kit which is organised amongst the RW triathletes
  • Maybe Hollywood could add a URWFRC vest/t-shirt to the PSOF on line shop which was set up for the Pirate hoodies?
  • I have a URWFRC vest ... and pirate kit

    Good idea about H'woods site if people can agree on a design?
  • I've mailed Danny Boy at RW Towers to see if RW could organise something - it seems to me that it's about time and will help all those runners who want some kit as RW could act as a central point for orders...........

    see what RW Towers say.........

  • asked him?? should have told him! :-)
  • That's brilliant, will wait and see what happens. Thanks guys
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