help with 1/2 marathon schedule

I would like to start training for 1/2M this year. I have seen the RW schedules and like them but I can only run 4 times a week. Can someone help me to build a schedule? How long should my LSR be? How much mileage should I do in these 4 days? Should I do intervals? I run about 22M a week. Thank you very much


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    You can enter your target time and days per week to this, and you get a 12 week program with hints and tips on it too.
  • Fear not, Awww Spud; I'm training for London on 4 runs a week. The key is to run a decent long run, and then make sure your other sessions are quality ones. Much depends on what you want to get out of the 1/2M. Speed will help you to run faster, and a bit of hill work would not go amiss if you think you may have to run up and down a bit. You should be fine!
  • Hi spud.

    Which half you got in mind?

    You shouldnt have too much trouble fitting a schedule into 4 days BTW.
  • Hi
    I am certainly no expert on this, but I have been using a 10 week 1/2 M training schedule off RW site, which is just 4 sessions a week and builds to little more than you're doing already. I have reached 12 miles as the long run OK on it and will be running Silverstone 1/2 this Sunday, so I suppose that will be the real test!
  • Thank you very much guys.
    Hi Chimp. I haven't chosen any yet.
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