Arm Band Holder for iPod Nano

Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
I got a lovely new ipod nano for my christmas present. Can anyone recommend a waterproof arm band holder for one please.


  • I tried an armband holder, got it cheaply off ebay if you want to look for them. Personally I can't get on with it as the lead gets in the way as I run. The movement irritates me. Find the best method is to put my mp3 player down the front of my sports bra in a baby's sock to keep it dry. Weird but it works!
  • i tried an arm holder but prefer to put it in my hi 5 gel pouch round my waist, if its raining i put it under my waterproof and in a plastic freezer bag. not go wet yet. only prob is if you want to mess about with the controls
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    I have an apple arm band but it chaffs quite badly, I generally stick it in a pocket!
  • Tracy,

    I have just got the apple nano sports arm holder and wear it on my wrist. It isn't waterproof as such but have just got back from a run in the rain and everything is working ok.... it allows you to use the nike+ with the nano....definately worth getting for £19.99 if you havent already!
  • I use the incase arm band which is waterproof to a certain extent. You also get a wrist strap. The case has a clip on the back which I actually prefer to use and just clip onto my shorts.

    I got mine direct from a Apple shop when I got my nano. If you don't live near a shop they are on the website.
  • Thank you everyone.

    At the moment I am putting it in my pocket.
  • Hi Tracey - lucky you! There was a RW article on this - just found it (by accident).. link /// might be a bit old now, but gives you something to read!

    Happy New Year to all 4 of you...
  • Hiya PSC.

    It was tell Bernard he could get me an ipod or I would get nothing.
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