Can anyone recommend good sports masseur in Leicester area?


Can anyone reccommend a good sports masseur in the Leicester area - have read a lot about the benefits of massage but realise that it is very important to get treated by the right person.

Any advice would be very helpful.



  • Sorry - caps lock on , Didnt mean to shout!!
  • Anywhere really, I live in central Leicester but would be prepared to travel a little?
  • If you go onto the Sports Massage Association website ( you will find the national register of sports massage practitioners. You enter your postcode and this will provide a list of SMA qualfied sports masseurs starting with the nearest.
    Hope this helps.
  • I used to go and see a guy at Loughborough Uni and he was pretty good.

    I dont know whether he is still doing it or not but there was an almost qualified guy doing sports massage at the hinckley Island Hotel,just off the M69 and he was brilliant and he only charged £10 as he was in training. Even if he is charging more now as he is probably qualified now he would be worth it. If you call the hotel and speak to the leisure club I am sure they will have his details - I would def recommend him. My OH went to see him and he is the only massuer that has been able to actually make a difference to him (he is very muscular and he hadnt been able to find one that was good enough). Am in training for London myself so will be having regular massage so will be keen to get back in touch with him myself! Hotel number if you want it is 01455 631122

    Good Luck
  • Thanks for your help and good luck with your training. Will be in contact with the ones you recommended.

    However just wondered if anyone knows any sports massage nearer to central Leicester?
  • there's a sports specialist (I think they do massage) on victoria park road (bit vague I know) - basically if you turn left from Queen's road (towards welford road) it;s one of the vistorian buildings you pass (on yout left).
  • I used the one on Victoria Park Rd for a consultation about my calf/shin pain and they were very good. They do massaging but I haven't got round to having one yet.

    132 Victoria Park Rd. 0116 2100100
  • Sorry to reopen this old thread but although i managed to find a great sport massage practitioner,after contacting them after a while of not being able to afford a treatment they have moved just wondered if anyone has any fresh info as i'm guessing the info from before will be old.keen to find someone,thanks guys x
  • can anyone help? any Leicester runners out there with any info? Would sooner go with a recommendation? Thanks!!image
  • dont know about massage,but you could try the sports injuries and physio clinic in oadby  01162710723
  • Thanks. I actually went to them once for some physio, they were good but don't have a massage practitioner I don't think. Just wonder if any one has any suggestions? Thanks
  • I use a guy called Doug Ingall for all my sports massage  - have used him for 10 years and he's always helped me out of injury (or prevention as is the case now).  He is based in Loughborough or Coalville and can travel too - cant recommend him highly enough - 07834604649.
  • Thanks Melissa. Im actually base over the other side of Leicester, more the south so Coalville and Loughborough are both a little way away. Was looking for somewhere a little nearer - any ideas anyone? Although I suppose if someone is that good it may be worth the travel!!image

  • If you are prepared to travel to Saxilby in Lincs (not far from Loughborough as I used to be based there) my husband is the best sports therapist that I know. Gary also lecteurs in the subject so he knows his stuff. I'm currently studying for my sports therapy qualification and am lucky enough to get my treatments regularly it does make a huge difference.

    I'm doing my 6th marathon in 5 years in April and without my treatments/massage wouldnt be where I am today.


  • I use Doug as well, he is mobile but also works from the health food shop in loughborough (elf foods)
  • I am a mobile therapist with a large client base with local and international athletes in my books. I specialise in sports, remedial and general massage along with injury and training advice.  I offer great rates with discount for club runners! Feel free to contact me from website below.




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