The new look Runner's World

I have to say I am not very in favour of the alterations made to the set up of the magazine. I enjoyed, as a way of launching me into the month of reading items like: Running the numbers, Catching up with...., Cheers and Jeers, and Bad better best. I know that in time all things must change but I do not believe that they always change for the better.


  • I kind of agree! The lay out is tidy and professional, although I echo yuor sentiment regarding Bad, better and best... always interested me!
  • With you all the way Dennis.Why mess about with it?
  • There seems to be less in there.
  • Progress is often a case of more presentation and less substance. Just look at this page as you're typing your next posting. Lots of pretty pictures and the usual sponsores adverts. Given the vote I still think most forumites would go for the old site web site as they would for the old magazine format.
  • Can't comment on the magazine cos it hasn't arrived yet but agree with BK that the old forum format was better.
  • I think both magazine and forum have vastly improved. Only one thing missing - and that's a regular monthly column and features from me - oh and the signature lines!
  • You have to say that Snicks if you're after a job! Seriously I agree there are some great improvements on the forum, but I'm not so sure about the magazine. Although I'll still buy it!
  • The new magazine definately looks more clinical and therefore seems to have less in it. It takes the same amount of time to read though so it must be an illusion. Does anyone know what day of the month it comes out - I always guess the first of the month but managed to get October's version today (31/8/02). Is it like Christmas and FLM - getting earlier every time?
  • Sorry, I have to disagree folks. I always found the layout and design of the old magazine rather amateur and old fashioned. It also seemed very masculine. I was really pleased with the new look RW, stylish, modern and several of the features were spot on for my needs.

    My subscriptions's just run out and I'm going to have to rejoin. The old RW just felt a bit odd, the new one feels much more like a mag I would read.

    Ooo-er, Daisy Dog being controversial - whatever next...
  • Daisy dog, I am not sure what you mean when you say the magazine was very masculine. Perhaps you could explain what you mean. Regarding the present content I have no complaint because I do still enjoy reading the mag but some of the old lead-ins and the little items which have disappeared were fun too and I am sorry they have been removed. I do not agree that the mag was ever 'amateur' as you put it. I subscribed once to the other magazine now known as 'Running Fitness' and I found that publication very 'amateur' There were, and still are, because I still sometimes buy one if I've finished Runnersworld early, many spelling errors and misuses of words and items badly set out, whilst Runnersworld has always been well put together; and I have been a subscriber since the early '80s, and will remain loyal but let's have 'Cheers,Jeers and Tears', and 'Running the numbers', and 'Bad-better-best' back.Incidentally I have just bought a timex Speed+Distance System watch. I have found it very interesting but the instructions are a bit confusing. Does anybody else have one and are cleverer than me in understanding how best to use it? I have the basics ok but it's monitoring things whilst running that I have a little trouble with, and once it 'crashed' indicating 'fatal GPS error' yet when reset it worked fine!
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