Well the online registration for the 10K worked on the Corsham RC website and I am now in as competitor number 5.

Has anyone else been successful?


  • Yep, i'm in at number 19, looking forwards to the undulating course again. Hope that I get my legs back after the london!!!
  • Terry,
    What do you mean by undulating, I chose this race as Corsham is flat apart from around Pound Pill? I am now worried:-()

  • Wrinty,
    Well there is a nice long drag out of Corsham upto the camp, then drop down the hill past the "Flamingo" nite club, and then its all a little bit up and down after that, not too much but just enought to get you going. Surely you are not going to let a few inclines put you off?, afer all you could always pop in to the "Flamingo" and see what the lap dancers are like? or perhaps not!!
  • Well theres a a thing - I have lived in Shaw for over three years and did not realise that there was a lap dancing club in Corsham. Perhaps that why Mrs Wrintmore always insists that we go out to Melksham or Trowbridge. Can't imagine that it would enhance my running performance though:-)
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Just realised that I might be able to combine this race with some relative-visiting (assuming I can get big sister to drive me to the start). How far is the race from Downton?
  • Hi LizzyB,
    Downton to Corsham...well of course it depends on how fast your big sis drives, but you should give yourself between 1:15-1:30 to get there. You would go Salisbury-Wilton-Shrewton-Tilshead-Devizes-Melksham-Corsham. Pretty sad hu don't ask me the road numbers cuz i dont know, look forwards to seeing you there.
  • I did the Trowbridge 10K last weekend and was talking to the winner afterwards about Corsham, and he advised that it is one of those courses where no matter how much effort you put in, you will get a disappointing time - and he got under 35 minutes there last year.

    Suddenly tose undulations are seeming like mountains!!!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    ta Forest. Big sis drives v. slow, unlike little sis (me) who is a bit manic behind the wheel. Will post again if my plans work out and I can do the race (I live abroad and I'm doing flying family visits at the end of April and feel compelled to do a race while in the UK).

  • I'm with Wrintry... undulating? Drat! I think I'll be coming in last as I've spent most of this year off with asthma related problems and am only just back in training!
  • Well those undulations were not to bad, but bad enough to keep me on the wrong side of 40 minutes for the second 10K in a row.

    Hopefully the Lyneham 10K in two weeks which promises to be flat & fast, will see a return to sub-forty.
  • Hmm : odd run today. Biked a hard 60 kms yesterday and like a fool biked 20 kms over to the race this morning which in hindsight was not the best prep ...... and then ran another pb taking 3 mins off last year's time ..... and it's not the easiest course. Now how does that work??
  • Well, after the london that was easy.. not!! windy, undulating and faster than last year although did a PB so really chuffed and to boot beat a guy who had me at last years 10k and the Bath 1/2 so got my revenge and must be improving or is he getting slower? find out next time we meet.
  • Undulating? Those weren't undulations, they were HILLS *grin* thoroughly enjoyed it AND I didn't come last. Thanks to the Multiple Sclerosis people who really kept me going when it became a struggle, now I've got that asthma under control I can aim at better than 1 hour 6 minutes and 22 seconds!
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