On The Wagon For January



  • I am trying to RELAX........


    I am making chilli for dinner you must have red wine it says it on the tin
  • ...adjusts the focus on SH specs...so that it now says

    AVOID red wine with this chilli..or else.. !!

    6 O Clock will be the bad time for me

    I have the fizzy water on standby...but I'd rather a glass of chilled dry white wine

    ..tops up teapot and refills biscuit plate

  • 6 o'clock is also a bad time for me....

    I can hear the wine cork pop


    Can you smell it
    Can you smell it
    Can you smell it

  • If i stop the focus on wine i start to think about sex.......

    Wine is cheaper......

    Get me wine..
  • OOooo no go for the sex SH, much more fun.

    ((( Cath ))) won`t it all look even worse tomorrow with a hangover ? Can you go out with your mates and not get plastered ?

    Pomegranate juice looks good in a wine glass. Not too sweet either.
  • Cath, sorry to hear you've had a bad day. If you decide to drink tonight, you can always press reset tomorrow.

    Well, Friday and the start of the weekend. Friend's birthday lunch on Sunday and the wine will be flowing :-/
  • Evening

    tonight is the first night I have thought about having a drink - but won't, I know it will get better by next weekend

    TBH I want a drink because I am home and have nothing to do all night

    so the mop is coming out for the kitchen floor - fast living or what?
  • My floor could do with a clean as well, Maddy, if you're looking to be kept busy for longer.
  • You haven't seen the state of my kitchen floor ST - its a weekend and multiple passes job
  • My feet are sticking to mine :-/

    Well, I suppose there's something to be said for sublimating the desire for a drink into manic housework :-)
  • Right, I have a mission for all those who find themselves thinking they need a wee drinkie.

    I want you to experiment mixing lots of non-alkickholic drinks to make a FABULOUS non-wicked juice drink. Experiment tonight, post tonight / tomorrow and the rest of us can try them out tomorrow night. Voila! Its Sunday and we've survived the weekend!! :-))
  • Thats a great idea KKD :O)
  • Nice idea KKD but I think I'll wash my floor as well!..
  • I`m going to take down the christmas tree and maybe sort the washing.

    Leave the excitment of the floors until tomorrow night..
  • MIne is clean thanks to last nights frenzy so I'm not sure how I'm going to take my mins off tonight. Think I'll do the whole, bath, face mask, pampering thing. I need HOURS for that ;-)
  • THats my kitchen floor thats clean not my CHristmas tree - I wasn't THAT bad!
  • Ok, looks like I'm not the only one suffering with wanting a drink.

    The only way I can think of avoiding the alcohol is that it would ruin the last few days training.

    I've worked too damn hard over the last few days to ruin it with a few drinks.
  • Hold that thought GMI and start planning the longer term training
  • No problem..wash your floor, it's the thinking persons alternative.
  • I had a class of red wine last night with my curry, but it doesn't count because:

    a) I was out; and
    b) It was taken with a meal
    c) A glass of red wine is good for you

  • Exactly what kind of a 'Wagon' are you on then mitten? I'm about spending the evening scrubbing the kitchen and you're out enjoying a curry and a glass of red wine!.. :-(
  • I'm on a 'not over-doing it or getting drunk' wagon :-)

    I just really wanted to cut back, but not completely cut it out. I said I'd only drink if were out somewhere, and then I'd only have one glass as I'm always driving. No more drinking at home basically.

    Enjoy the floor though Avi. I'm moving house tomorrow so will REALLY need a drink tomorrow night but won't be going out so I won't be able to have one :-(
  • Well good luck with your move and I wouldn't worry about having a drink because according to 'Mitten Rules' a drink after moving house probably wouldn't count anyway! :-)
  • Thanks Maddy,

    Is already helping ;-)

    Just as a thought, is anyone on this thread going to the Jan social? Are you going to make an exception or not drink?

  • I am going to te ebrum one and won't drink

    If enough of you are going there you can protect each other from derunken masses
  • Or all in give in together and turn it into a 24 hour alcofest.. :-)
  • The drunken masses can look very funny when you are sober - and often easily lead as well ;O)
  • The sober can also look very odd when you're a drunken mass :-)
  • Until the next morning that is then the drunken masses look a mess :O)
  • And the drunken mass realises the full horror of his/her drunken ways.. and turns once more to the bottle for solace and comfort..
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