On The Wagon For January



  • Wow and I thought I was a cynic :O)
  • Anyway I'm not advocating boarding the party wagon to funsville.. In fact I'm setting an example to all by heading for the gym now, on a Friday evening.. Let's hope and pray that there ano more wretched souls who have fallen by the wayside by the time I return.
  • I'm having a nice ice cold beer tonight, in fact I may have a couple....life is far to short...if you enjoy a drink have a drink.
  • boo boo

    go away please

    ta, ;-)
  • how very very anal of you.
  • My wife asked if i was drinking tonight, so i told her that i was staying on the wagon. To which she replied that she supports me in this and that she was going out with her friends so she doesnt drink in front of me!!!! So am at home with three kids who are driving me up the wall!!! Luv em really!!
  • LOL IWDI - a challenge for sure :O)
  • LOL IWDI, its lovely that you're getting your OH's support.
  • KKD - you ought to be a priest. You are sooo forgiving.
    I'm just about to pour my 5th glass of bubbly.....im sooooooooo relaxed, but hey! Well done for not drinking.
    I'm with mitten on this, im on the 'not getting drunk or not binge drinking' wagon.
  • KR - Badgirl........

    I will it was me..........

    Red Wine
    Red Wine
    Red Wine


  • Evening, fellow wagon-trainers.

    KF, enjoy your fizzy. Do you like Prosecco? I now prefer it to champagne:easier to drink and much cheaper :-D

  • Well there's 4 wheels on my wagon and I'm still rolling along
  • Same here, Huge....I keep thinking of that song too!
  • Yummy

    Sailor Jerry and coke with a lil Prosecco chaser.


    Oops sorry...wrong thread....

    yuck yuck yuck.
  • Ha! great minds et al. Just gave Mrs H a big feck off glass of rioja as well!
  • Dude, you are such a tease....

  • I'm with Huge and ST on the squeaky clean wagon to redemption..
  • Evening Aviator. How many wheels on your wagon tonight?
  • Evening snowflake... My wagon has a wheel at each corner as always..
  • Glad to hear it, honeybun. So things are rolling along just fine, are they?

    ( I feel as if I ought to start singing Whip Crack Away or something....)
  • Well done peeps

    Still have four wheels on mine and downloading Eliza Carthy stuff. Anyone listened to her?

    Kind of New Wave Folk. Very good.
  • Although I never committed to climb aboard the wagon, I haven't had a drink since approx 1:30am New Years Day. Not drinking for a month is no big deal...
  • Don't start.. not in here.
  • Evening PW5 and Gordon.

    For some people not drinking for a month *is* a big deal, Gordon.

    I'm finding not biting my nails more difficult than not drinking. Keep finding my hands straying towards my mouth.....
  • Don't start what, Aviator?

    <innocent flutter of eyelashes>
  • You know ST, you know.. and don't start that fluttering malarky at me cos it won't work.
  • Try sitting on your hands.
  • (it's worked before, Biggles....;-p)

    But David, if I sit on my hands, I can't post on here, can I?

    And I could never give up the forum :-/
  • But now I'm much older and wiser.. and these are clean livin wagon people...
  • Could you imagine starting a forum abstinence thread...rather self defeating I think!!!

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