On The Wagon For January



  • had a rubbish gym visit tonight, it was too busy and it all seemed way to hard.Could really do with a huge glass of bubbly, but have settled for a can of diet coke with a straw........oh the joys!
  • Can i please say sorry, i only lasted a day!!! went down to visit my dad in Manchester for the first time since May and i had a glass of wine with my dinner!!! Im feeling bad. If i stay on the wagon for another month can i be forgiven???

  • Gowster, you have to do 1 month and 1 week!!!! Lol.

    I have just had a healthy meal with plenty of veg. So far so good. I have beer in the fridge but am not tempted, even when my wife didnt leave me the key for the house and i had to drive to her mothers to get it.

    I am a little bit tempted with the chocolate, as last night i had a dream about dipping dark choc into crunchy peanut butter. I have never had that, but i can almost taste it now.
  • Gowster A glass of wine isn't a big fall - don't kick yourself for that just get back on
  • Nope, im going to make it up to you all by doing two months drink free. Will be giving away the wine and beer to family and friends!!

    Not sure about the dark choc and peanut butter tho!!!
  • Thanks maddy

    Just feel as tho i have let the team down
  • Nah - we all have our own hurdles to leap so judge yourself against your own - just make sure you are being honest with yourself
  • Gowster, even if you cut down then thats a good thing? Is the peanut butter choc thing bad? hmm, my wife says am strange all the time but i never believed her!!
  • Wouldnt say it was a bad thing no, everyone likes something someone else dosent, your wife just doesnt understand!!!
  • Stayed off the drink tonight, I went to Pizza Hut to compensate.......

    Bad idea..........

  • Are we talking about peanut butter kit kats here?
  • whats a peanut butter kitkat???
  • A special edition kit kat - a few people rave about them, I don't eat them because I am vegan so milk chocolate is out
  • Evening.

    Trip to the pub tonight with our friend but stuck to soft drinks, so day 4 passing off peacefully.

    However, I have just scoffed quite a few chocolates...purely in the interests of getting rid of them so they don't hang around to tempt us any more, you understand.
  • I HATE peanut butter...loathe it, but absolutely bloody LOVE peanut butter kitkat chunkies....YUM YUM
  • I loath peanut butter too but love peanut butter and banana sandwiches
  • Very Very Very strange
  • erm surprised me too

    What I don't understand is what promted me to try anything with peanut butter in when it normally makes me retch
  • Maddy thats bonkers
  • Yep I know
  • i like the kit kats, and will try the peanut and bannana sarnies, they sound nice.

    I think the dark choc and peanutr butter would be a good combination!
  • Hmm how is everyone doing?
    Four days in now and thou I don't want a drink woke up with a headache this morning!

    Strangely that dull kinda headache you get after 3-4 beers the night before!

    This is a bad sign isn't it!

    Big test tomorrow night, big party....eeek!
  • I managed to go without last night but i was very naughty on Wed night and had 3 glasses of champoo. Its Friday night tonight adn we're cuddling up to watch Shaun of the Dead that we recorded from the other night. Will i be able to resist popping another cork??? I hope so......

    Give me guidance!
  • Bottles in the shed, Kathy, out of sight out of mind.The weekend will be a tough test, will it sort out the sheep from the goats?
  • Non booze night despite getting some very upsetting family news and spending an hour after work in the pub with boss going over new course

    1 large glass of chianti in 4 days
  • Nowt for me, <pats self on back>
  • Morning all,

    Went 2 days dry, but fell off a bit last night. Had a curry and there was lager in the fridge so.... Only had one can though.
    Got Green Wing to watch tonight which I'd usually watch with a bottle of red, but Hopefully will stick to Scholer...Hopefully!
  • Friday night is always pub night.....

    So all the phones will be off and lock myself in a dark room.....

    If we can last this weekend it's possable..

  • BTW Corinthian
    Sorry to hear you had bad news yesterday. But loads of respect to you for not giving in, especially being in a pub with your boss, a temptation to drink if ever there was one!
  • locked in a dark room?

    Not sure i will survive this weekend without a tipple or two...
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