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  • well done all

    Corinthian sorry about your news

    Survived another night out and no drink still

    Good vibes to all for the weekend

    KF2 you will be fine!
  • photography nudge nudge.....

    KF - You will be fine at night go for long runs and slow walks

  • Well done everybody. Sorry for your news Corinthian

    Weekend is a tester but want to run both Sat and Sunday so its no problem staying off the sauce and I have no rugby to play so I'll stay away from the club...the joy of Morrisons and a mini shop on Saturday..woo hoo.
  • KF Don't panic, just keep busy!!
  • I'll be fine - lots to do this weekend anyway. Its just the evenings when im settled down on the sofa adn all warm and cuddly. Last night a glass fo wine was substituted with a hot choc...wasn't quite the same.

    AND i am sleeping really badly
  • I get that bad sleep thing aswell......hebegebees....

    must be the lack of wine that does it........
  • MrsB and I are still on - been ok so far but the weekend is a real tester. Don't go to the pub so that's one temptation out the way but I find it difficult if I'm watching a cookery programme or something where they are drinking wine.

    Kathy, I know what you mean about being warm and cuddly on the sofa.
  • Um, I don't mean that I know what it's like being warm and cuddly on the sofa with you.
  • I'm not saying I wouldn't want to it's just not what I meant - am I making things worse or better here?
  • I can't remember what its like being warm and cuddly on the sofa with anyone anymore :O(
  • Im sure it is....i need a glass or two of wine to help me drop off.
    Years ago when i was doing exams, i really suffered with insomnia and my doc at the time recommended a glass of wine an hour before bed.........wicked i thought!

    This was also around the same time i developed a dependency on alcohol.....so i blame my doctor.
  • You have to stay in, tis the only way. The sleep thing is bad but does get better. Long evening runs so you are really knackered and then a bath seem to work for me.
  • DavidB - Lol.....i think i'll take that as a compliment.

    Maddy - be warm and cuddly with yaself, get a lovely throw and snuggle up. No man required......honest
  • Just had my first pub ask already...

    How can they think about alcohol at this time in the morning......

  • I came close to having a glass of the red medicine last night. Kides were at a panto with grandparents, OH is away camping, I have scrubbed the house and at 9.30pm thought a wee glass of red would slide down nicely while sitting, watching TV. Solution? I stood ironing for an hour so my hands were busy!! How carp is that????

    I do feel holier than thou this morning though in my lovely clean house!

    Sorry to hear about your bad news Corinthian. Hope things get better.

    Scottish, you can't drink the night before a 'big' race! Perfect excuse for your mates!! :-)
  • NO!

    The pub is not open yet.....

  • Thanks for the comments people - looking forward to a booze-free weekend walking in Northumberland

    will report back Monday - have a good weekend and a dry one if possible
  • Kathy, I'm glad we understand each other :-)

    MrsB has just suggested a steak salad tonight - this will be a test. Can't remember what steak tastes like without red wine.
  • Good luck for the weekend everyone.

    I am looking forward to having a weekend in, and no hangover.

    However I am not so sure about Mr H`s will power so have just bagged up all the remaining beer and put it in the cellar.

    KKD I have a massive ironing pile so might use your technique if I am tempted to slip.
  • Sorry guys, I'm opting out.

    I'm going out tonight. I'm going to get blasted. Work is sh*te right now. Personal issues hit a crisis today too. So feckit.
  • (( Cath ))

    I'm tempted to say, don't give in, but just in a being supportive way not nagging.

    Hope things look brighter for you soon. x
  • KKD, thanks. I'm fine. Just need a good night out to hang out with my mates and quit worrying for a while.
  • Cath - go out...have fun! Drink and have a boogie, blow all those troubles away.
    Can i come by the way??
  • Looks like you've got enough on your plate Cath.
    Hope everything gets sorted out.
    Thing is, all of us on this board, being runners, have that extra bit of self disipline anyway, otherwise we'd never get out of the door. So you'll know when time's right to try again.
    Take it easy.
  • Its getting near wine time.........


  • Harimau

    You are a strong Scottish warrior !!!!

    Sit down and I'll get tea and biscuits for you !

  • ((((Cath)))) Come on now, kid, you're a strong girl, you can handle it after all you've dealt with.
  • SH - sign in then
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