Friday session 28 Feb 2003

Last nights session consisted of a rather nice plate full of duck breast washed down with some equally nice red wine and even better I wasn't paying the bill.

Have been having some real knee pain this week which has made me consider giving up for 3-4 weeks to see if I can settle it down, so......

Today: Cross train - bike and rower
Why: See above
Last hard: A while ago
Last rest: Yesterday

Good luck to all racers and don't forget to post your time predictions here.


  • mmmmmm lovely martin

    I di 2.5 miles, gently
    Not recovery, just getiing used to early am again
  • Morning all,

    Today is a rest day but I feel like going for a splash in the pool. Not been since last summer. Not sure I'll count it as training either as I'll do nothing strenuous? (spelling) even if I am swimming laps.

    What : splash around in the pool
    Why : Rest day and my legs are shattered
    Last Hard : Wednesday
    Last Rest : Tuesday

    I did quite a lot of training yesterday at low heart rate so not considered hard. I covered in all 12 miles and an hour of circuits.
  • How's the jetlag, Martin?

    Well done, Hippo. That is seriously early.

    Rob, if 12 miles and a dose of circuits isn't a hard day...respect! You are completely mad.

    Today: A gentle run (distance yet to be decided) provided it isn't raining.
    Why: Recovery.
    Last rest day: Wednesday:
    Last hard day: Yesterday's 12+ miles with plenty of undulations. I found it quite laborious and didn't feel I was going very fast, but took just a little over 2 hours so should be comfortably up for 2:10 at Reading.
  • Morining campers,

    What:6-8 miles steady run
    Why:20 miles race on Sunday, so nothing too strenuous plus I just want to enjoy being outside without worrying what my watch reads.
    Last hard:Mon
    Last rest:yesterday
  • Today I are mainly be resting, as usual.
  • Morning.

    What: 3 miles quick
    Why: Scheduled
    Last Hard: Weds
    Last RestL Sunday
  • Hilly - are you running Bury 20, if so see you there!

    Last night: 4x1mile at 20mile pace (decided to have no rest between miles)
    Today: 6-8 very easy, offroad to enjoy the warmer weather.
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Saturday
  • Morning All

    What: Running with Newbie again, so down to her pace but not a problem as it was my constant moaning that made her start in the first place
    Why:See above & long run on Sat
    Last Hard:Sun
  • Big hips - it was! Well done on getting out running so early!

    V-rap - The jet lag is fine. Coming back I always make a point of not going to bed until 'normal' time and that seems to do the trick. Going out was a little more nerve racking as there was an explosion at an oil refinery on Statten Island about 50 minutes before we landed so we were on our final approach to JFK all we could see was a huge cloud of smoke - very disturbing!
  • Morning all!

    What: 7 Miles Steady
    Why: It's on the schedule

    Last Rest: Wednesday
    Last hard: Tunbridge wells half last Sunday


    Happy 3:00 - 3:10
    Ok 3:10 - 3:20
    Disappointed over 3:20
  • Morning

    What : easy swim 2x500m (Done)
    Why : First swim of the year - trying to get back into it

  • Good Morning one and all,

    well didn't go mad at the club last night, nice steady pace. Have decided to duck out of the 5k in Hyde Park today as I need more longer runs, and as I'm going to be spending the weekend driving to Manchester, North Wales, back to Chelmsford and then to Kent, I'm going to squeeze in miles today.

    What : 10 - 11 miler
    Why : Need mileage
    Last Hard : Tuesday
    Last Rest : Monday

    If I get back from Wales on Sunday earlier enough and I can get of out going to Kent, I'm going to see if I can get a 15-20 miler in.

    Good luck to all you racers this weekend!
  • Umm, yes Will, that, or a very much reduced version is what I should have been doing.

    What I actually did: 6miles, slowly, no watch, woolly in my backpack and bus fare in my pocket just in case. A recovery run of sorts - don't mean the legs, speaking of the spirit.

    A bad few days with me always raises the horrid spectre that whatever it is is not finished with me, but is coming back to complete the job. Yesterday's leaden numbness spooked me considerable, so it mattered a lot today to get out, and remind myself that I'm at any rate not dead yet.

    Who knows. Nobody is forever, and it is academic what this is, or whether it is coming back to finish me off or not. All the more reason simply to make every day count. Every step.

    Fear successfully wrestled with and forced back into its cage.
  • Morning everyone.

    What : No running, some swimming and sun bathing
    Why : Rest day ahead of 22 mile long run tomorrow
    Last Hard : Wednesday
    Last Rest : Last Friday

    Don't you just love rest days?
  • Morning.

    Have not posted this week, due to a niggle in the right knee, have kept away from training and resting up, have Silverstone on sunday and wanted to make sure that I would be fit for the run.

    What 3km warm up - 4km semi fast - 1km warm down.

    Why: Was testing out the knee, still can feel something.

    Last Hard: Last thursday omg!!!

    Last Rest: This week.

    Keep it up guys, reading your postings is making me more determined...........

  • Swimming session - as many lengths as I can muster
  • Morning all

    Haven't posted for a while as:

    A. I've not been running
    B. I've been too despondant

    I had been training for a spring marathon attempt (Taunton) up until about 6 weeks ago when a serious problem with my right hip/groin effectively put paid to my plans - Having now undergone some intensive physiotheraphy and rehabilitation I am at least running again although part of my 'long term' recovery is having to seriously reduce milage (I had been putting in between 60-70 miles/week)- I can now attempt nothing greater than 1/2M distance for the foreseeable future

    Anyhow I am entered to run the Bideford 1/2M this Sunday and wondered if anyone else on the forum was planning to run it?
    It's a nice course (mainly flat 1 lap loop) with the return 6.5M run on a riverside cycle path

    I'm (now) aiming for sub 1:30 and would be pleased with anything under 1:28 (I was originally planning to run this race in about 1:23 as part of my intended Sub 3hr Marathon attempt)

    So today: Rest (Tapering for Sunday)
    Last 'hard' N/A (See above!)

    Hope to see some faces on Sunday (I'm number 555)
  • Think I've gone from ~98% fit to #99% overnight. Whether that's enough to make it safe to pick up training again I'm not sure....will make a decision when I get home - and keep in mind that this time last week I probably made the wrong decision.
  • Yip Yip Yip rest day for me.

    Am feeling almost fit as a fiddle and almost can't wait for my 18M run tomorrow.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning groovers,

    What : mixed speed/tempo, 10*1min fast,1min slow, followed by 3miles@halfM pace
    Why : Weekly Speedwork2
    Last Hard : Wednesdays reps
    Last Rest : Tuesday

    Good luck if you're racing this weekend.
    If not get out and enjoy the sun.
  • Brian-I'm doing Christchurch Mad March Hare 20. Good luck in your event!

    Just did my 7 miles without a watch in pouring rain and the odd gust of wind and thoroughly enjoyed it. The rain washing over by bare legs that were flowing smoothly through the puddles-great!

    See you later, off to spend my birthday money now.

    Enjoy your runs guys!!& gals of course!
  • morning, people.

    Stickless - you are so inspiring, as always. hope the run helped.
    Mike - I hope you're well and truly back there this time, best of luck.

    what: 13 and something miles @ av. 6:58 pace
    why: sort of longish recovery run type thing, not quite sure what it was really
    last rest: Monday
    last hard day: yesterday

    good luck to all w/e racers.
  • Afternoon all,

    What: 15 mins warm up, then tempo run covering 10km in 40 mins and ten mins wd. Committed cardinal sin of wearing new shoes for this run with no previous recovery run or walking about but felt like slippers and no problems at all and needed soem wearing in asap as intendign to wear in half marathon race in 2 weeks (lightweight Nike Air skylon for those interested)

    Why: Weekly tempo run for marathon programme

    last rest: yesterday

    last hard: Wednesday long

  • Well everyone seems to be doing well or at least on the mend.
    What- easy3.5 miles off road, have persuaded work colleague to run with me, and he is convinced I'll kill him, doesn't realise I slow down once out of sight of the college!
    Last hard- yesterdays reps and very pleased with them I was too.
    Last easy- Tuesday.
  • Today was a bit like the current RW editorial.

    5:45 am on getting up, too dark and foreboding (well done Hippo for venturing out !!)

    7 am arriving at work, too grey

    11:30 am, nearly wimped as a run felt so unappealing. But there were no takers for lunch that early, I remembered that bad weather was on its way and so headed out into the (now windy) world. Half way round it started to rain and I got soaked, but by then the rhythm was there and it was fun.

    I now feel fab, and not a little small for the difficulties in pushing myself out today after reading your inspiring post Stickless. Well done.

    What:- 8.75 miles steady, 7:30 pace
    Why:- 10 weeks to Stratford = +/- 400 miles to go pre marathon
    Last hard:- Wed
    Last rest:- yesterday
  • Afternoon all,

    Best of luck to all people racing this weekend, sounds like most people are doing 20 milers, are these raced at marathon pace or what?

    Welcome back Stickless, keep fighting the demons.

    Commiserations David P, must be heart wrenching when you've put so much work in. Best wishes on continued recovery.

    Fat Face, aren't you supposed to be doing Haweswater this weekend?

    What: 21.5 miles LSD, got dropped off a long way from home by a 'friend' without my busfare, allowing no short cuts! Gorgeous day, sunny but still running in longsleeved thermal and tights...crop tops, my grandma would have had a fit.
    Why: Chance to run today instead of at the weekend, should be well recovered for 20 mile race in 2 weeks time, then that's all the long runs done, yippee.
    Last hard: today counts.
    Last rest: yesterday.

    Had a seminal moment last night after conversation with a friend; change of tack for me training wise, it's bad for my soul to be so preoccupied with the flm, I can just about justify the time spent training, but not the mental pressure I've put myself under. Have only one body and it can only do what it can do! His words: 'if you must obsess about something, be obsessive about resting enough'.

    Please remind me of my new Zen-like resolution next time I come sulking on here 'cause my speed session didn't go very well.
  • Afternoon everyone

    What: rest day today so took hubby to gym then I went and my hair done, v nice
    Why: schedule prior to hardish weekend
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Fri
  • Afternoon Folks!
    Feeling good today,apart from having to work all weekend!!
    what-spinning,weights and short tready trot!
    why-cross train
    last hard-last nights club race(nice one)
    last rest-sunday

    Have a good weekend ,and good racing you lot(and spare a thought for little old me grafting away!)
  • Monique- sorry if i caused offence, but it was supposed to be a term of admiration!
  • Well done Laura for your long run. Great to get it over with, now you can have a much more relaxing weekend thinking of everyone else who still have theirs to do!

    Stickless-hope the run went well and much respect!
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