Marathon Newsletter Spam

I got it three times today...

Lucky me!



  • Yep, seem to have had quite a few.
  • twice for me too!

    They'll try anything to get you to sign up for one of those!

    HNY all.
  • I must have had it at least 15 times by now, twice again today.. the e-mail.
  • Three for me too!
  • 3 copies here as well:

    Once yesterday,
    Once at 2.40 am today and
    Once at 9.40 am today.

    Does this mean I have to run the schedule 3 times?
  • yep - 3 copies for me today, and about another 8-10 a while back
  • 3 for me too. But this is the first time for me
  • i HAVE had week 1 6 times. 5 of those times it said "this is your last edition of this email..... unless you click here"

    I didn't click there, but only because I am too lazy - not because I don't want to receive the emails.

    Seems it doesn't matter anyway since yesterday I got Week 1 "real training starts" (a slight variation on the other "week 1"'s...).

    Not sure I will take any more notice of them, even if they do arrive more frequently though! (unless alterted to them by the forums...!)

    Happy New Year
  • I've had two today.

    Happy New Year everyone and Happy Runnin'!
  • I have had three copies today.

    Anyone running tomorrow ?
  • what does the training plan say?

    i've not read it
  • I ran today!!!
    I did 3 miles slow so looks like I am on for a sub-4 hour marathon!!!

    Might follow it just for a laugh actually since week 1 looks so do-able........ no marathon to enter though - just need to get back into decent training!
  • I keep gettin 3 too!! Soz I am late had computer problems over Xmas. Quite nice as since we changed provider I don't get many emails now!!! (how sad is that).
  • Haven't received one yet :o(
  • I found all the marathon newsletters I got last year and surprise surprise they are exactly the same so I have officially unsubscribed to it!

    That said, I clicked on the link in the email that would unsubscribe me, then went into My forum/My newsletters and the marathon newsletter box was still ticked! So I properly unsubscribed and unticked it.

    Anyone want a plot-spoiler? I know what happens in week 15......;o)
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