Oh the Tired Legs

Hi all, I have recently started running what i would call mid distances (10 Mile and half marathons) I have done 2 x 10 milers and 1 x half marathon.
The probelm I am having is my legs really start getting heavy and aching. Everything else of me I feel could run forever.
Is there any training anyone can suggest to make the legs stronger and more likened to long distances.


  • Hi Nathan

    I posted almost exactly the same question last year - here's the link to the advice I was offered (Not sure how to do the fancy links stuff - but hope this works...)

  • Great thanks alot I will take a look
  • Very amusing and relevant as I'm now in the position you were 12 months ago Looby I'm trying to increase my mileage for a HM. Did you ever try the squats? I know my abductors could do with strengthening particularly on my left leg.
  • I never did try the squats - but I did get my legs to be strong enough to get me round a half mara last April. Since then my running has gone to pot, I've not done much serious training for the past six months and am now finding that I'm back at the stage where my lungs are letting me down way before my legs complain!

    Good luck for your half - when is it?

  • End of May - I tried some one leg squats earlier in the dining room. I managed to complete one set of 20 on each side think it will take a while to work up to 3 reps.
  • As an ex smoker my lungs always seem to let me down before my legs do - especially on my shorter, speed runs during the week.

    Last sunday i did my first 10 miler and i actually felt good on it. Lungs did hurt, so i backed off slightly and just pushed on... walking breaks helped when things got too bad, and i managed it in 1 hr 40 mins. Not too bad at all i think.

    Think is, my legs are now VERY sore.. my calf's are so tight to the touch they're tender. I can hardly walk, let alone jog. they've been this way for 3 days now... i'm going swimming tonight to try clear some lactic acid off, but i really want them to recover quicker... i've another 10 miler this sunday!
  • Thought about a massage?
  • Hi Edwina.. we meet again! You responded to one of my threads at www.runnersforum.co.uk

    Yes, i've considered a massage, but cant really afford one. Is it possible to get them on the NHS? lol
  • Hello Joe do you use the same nickname on runnersforum? I usually pay about £20 to getmylegs massaged - overspent at Christmas?
  • I use joeslifeyork on runnersforum.

    £20.. thats not too bad. I guess im looking in the wrong places for massages. They all look like £50+ around here. Must be somewhere cheaper.

    Do you know if there is a list anywhere? like a national directory of sport massage clinics?
  • Try some looking at some holistic places as well.
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