Thames Path Ultra 50

sad no age group awards


  • Anyone else having a pop at this ?
  • Would like too, but not entered yet.
  • no age group awards.... cos its not really a race...
  • lol - what is it ?
  • its a replacement for the thames meander which isnt happening this year... which is essentially a MdS training event.
  • looks like "fun" though :o)
  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭
    'lo....would like to think this could be a go-er...but logistics (being a linear run and all) seem tricky with a car.

    Anyone in SW region fancy car-sharing or has any suggestions about this?

    Does it follow the same route as Thames Meander, or is it slightly amended?
  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭
    I have called the hotel enquiring about the viabiltiy of parking at the hotel, and it is stricly for residents only. I wouldnt plan on staying there though.
  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭
    well I have ducked out of this one and entered Draycote instead, as the logistics of that one are MUCH easier!

    Suspect the scenery wont be quite as nice though!
  • Rory has arranged a coach for this one. Its running from the Hotel to the start at Reading. I'm not sure of the times, you would have to check with him and also how many places he has left, there was only a £10 charge. When we did a practice run for this we just put are cars in the carpark with know problem. Rorys e mail is on the details page. Hope this helps.
  • Can anyone tell me if this run will be similar to T2T? I would like to know what the ground conditions are like as I am trying to decide what shoes to put on. Don't fancy 50 miles of mud and water!!
  • WhichWayNow - given the rain and snow we have had mud and water will form a good part of the run. Henley to Cookham is normally boggy!

    Last year I ran in NB 854's but would have been better served by some form of trail shoe. This year I shall be using Mizuno Arashi which should be a better match for the mud...
  • No Age awards?...We do a vets over 40 in both ladies and gents, so there's on to win...there are 11 trophies at this event and a medal for everyone.

  • Also just need to point out that all runners can park at the hotel and there is a coach to the start. Just to inform you of the facts here.
  • Good luck to all that are taking part including me. Should be good fun or at least sort of!
  • A muddy kind of fun !
    See ya'll tomorrow :o)
  • Good luck everyone!
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