Anxious about getting back into it

I've been laid off since the second week of December with compartment syndrome in both lower legs. The physio advised me to rest, which I have done, but have been allowed to walk the dog (5 miles) and swim (badly) as long as it didn't give me pain(which it didn't). I saw her again today and the good news is that the muscles are much more soft and flexible and she says I can do a trial run of 2 miles to test them out. If it's OK she will give me a programme to gradually build up again, but what if it does hurt? I've had injuries and lay off's before but have never felt so anxious about running two miles!
Any advice or inspiration?


  • Jiggi, walk briskly for 10 mins before you do your 2 miler to prepare the lower leg muscles. Start off with a light jog and gradually get up to a slow steady pace run. Try to relax (difficult i know on a comeback) so you're not holding too much tension in your muscles.

    Any pain in the shins, slow down to a walk and assess whether you want to continue. Don't continue if the pain worsens! Be sure to stretch your lower leg muscles (front and back) when you get home.

    Have you had your gait analysed to see what you're like biomechanically? Excessive dorsi flexion (pulling toes up) when you run can be a culprit.
  • Siance
    thanks for the good advice. Yes I have had gait analysis in the past. You're right about holding too much tension in my muscles: I shall do my best to let it go!
  • Managed 2 miles with several "stretch stops". My shins felt tight, but not too uncomfortable so I'm taking that as a good sign. It's just so frustrating! I normally run 20 miles or so a week (or more when marathon traing) but O do feel lucky to have managed 2.
  • That's good Jiggi. Has your physio massaged your shins? There's techniques to passively stretch the muscles for you.
  • jiggi-ouch
    at least you are getting back there now
  • Yes, thanks Siance I am "fully stretched" and massaged as they say!
    P.H. It has been really nasty, and I'm aching today, but I'm hopeful that a slow return is possible, dog walkng and swimming isn't really the same as a great run!

    What's your advice re: yoga?
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