Training Tewkesbury, Glos

I am training for the FLM for the first time. Starting to get into the long!! runs on a Sunday morning. The longest completed so far 7 miles in 1 hr 15 mins. Got to do 9 miles on Sunday. I am using the Hal Higdon Novice training plan.

Starting to get a bit bored now, is there anyone locally that wants a training partner?


  • Little Miss - there is a running club in Cheltenham called 'almost athletes' who will be running from Puckrup hall in a few weeks on wednesday evenings for a month. I know a few people are from the Tewkesbury area.

    Why not come along one wednesday evening - there are all sorts of abilities and pace groups so you will find more than a few people to meet chat etc At the moment we are meeting in Cheltehnam, but as i said that will change shortly.

    Check out the website
  • Níck L - Thanks for that information I will look at the website and try and come along on the Wednesday.

    Wode Runner - Do you know the website address? Holiday sounds great!! but I have a young family so this option is a no go really.
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