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  • Hi Spud
    We are up to running 5ks here - your sprinting knowledge is most welcome.

    I have been so busy g*****g the m****s in this past month my strength training has got a little left behind. Hence all the hammer curls today. It would be grim indeed if the track season arrived and I had the upper body power of a budgerigar. No offence to the tiny blue and yelllow feathery lads intended.
  • sharkie
    dont know the name
    may be part of the crocidile sequence

    dont know enuff abouy Yoga yet
    I will


    TMR has promised no pain
  • Hipps
    Could be written on a postage stamp what I know about yoga really - just that many Pilates exercises are similar or borrowed from.

    I think you're hooked.
    Well..... duuuurrrrr.

    TMR! She was so nice and helpful to me when I first posted last summer. How brill that she will give you a massage. Here's to you TMR.
  • well yes
    pilates has borrowed a lot form Yoga-and then added more, i am sure

    TMR and i had a most interesting discussion when she took me down to the south downs mara

    we have a bit in common
  • of course not running
  • yeah lot from yoga, and dance and sport. It's constantly evolving. Well, that sounds poncey! As you know I don't just bang the drum for Pilates. Bit mad getting toooooo evangelical about anything. Enthusiasm good. Fanaticism bad. In my book anyway.

    And what book is that sharkie?

    Sharkie's Short Book of Wisdom.
    (good reading matter for budgerigars or other bird brains)

  • doesnt sound poncey at all
    Yoga evolves too

    but i may become fanatic

    Its just too good

    itsalmost-well-feck it-Ill say it-better than running
  • oops. Nearly forgot.
    3.25 miles today. Felt ok - ie legs not too tired - so did a no watch, no HRM, take it easy, round my manor tonight. Kept it short and sweet because i have promised friends that I will do a club run tomorrow and that means a 6 mile bike ride first.
  • HIPPS!

  • sharkie

    The pilates class was hard work on my brain.
  • you reckon
  • Combine both. Down the line new career beckons....
  • sharkie - your weights' workout looks pretty good. Looks like a good mix of exercises.

    There's so many of the exercises that I love that I can't really do at the mo cos I can't risk the extra pressure on my groin. I had a killer abs programme that I used to do pretty much every day which I'd love to get back to. Still, one step at a time! Got my first pilates class since September next Tuesday.

    As for how I do a 5k on a treadie. Hmm, depends what I want to do. Yesterday was just meant to be an 'easy' one. Decided to play around a bit given that time wasn't the key issue. Always tend to set the treadie to laps and did alternate laps at 7mph and 7.5mph then just let rip over the last lap and a bit and took it up to 9mph. Combination of the heat and my lack of 'puff' at the mo meant that I probably couldn't have done it much faster anyway.

    Not too concerned about 5k speed at the mo as it's not my main focus - for now. Just a case of re-doing all the work that I did last summer.

  • sharkie

    If you are talkin to me-i aint ready yet

    teks YEARS to be a Yoga teach

  • but you may be right i am going there

    too good not to share
  • Hipps
    'Right to tell' is Manchester expression perhaps, used in playgrounds by affronted children.

    It does involve thinking. They call it 'mindful' exercise - but that's good. Any new thing takes a while getting the hang of. Anything good means you go on learning new stuff all the time. Keeps you young.

    Aaargh phone

  • Kazz,
    Groin strain injury relatively unusual for runner. More a football kicking sudden movement sort of thing. What did you do?

    Do you think your resistance/weights programme helped your running? If you can be bothered could you share a typical abs session? I'm always interested in what other people do, and why.

    Just inquisitive, that's me.

    Off to Serpieland any minute.
  • It's really frustrating sharkie cos we don't really know waht caused it. It started out as 'tight' feeling in the adductors and then worked its way up (and under) my groin. A few days later when I was out on my run it just never settled down and kept feeling uncomfortable until I decided to give up and walk at about the 2.75 mile mark. Walked for a bit then tried to run again and it was just too painful so decided to walk back. Got about a half mile from the gym when I had to sneeze and it was like a red hot poker being inserted forcefully thro' my insides - can only imagine it's the feeling blokes get when kicked in the nether regions. Took a couple of weeks for the fizz to be happy it wasn't a hernia. It could have been some new lightweight shoes that I'd tried for 5ks and which didn't correct my over-pronation (it's that leg that particularly over-pronates), excess training/racing, could have got myself into an abs/pilates exercise wrong and put pressure on the area. We just didn't know. Anyway four months later it's almost sorted.

    I think resistance/weights is as importatn for running as x-training on off days.

    Glen had created an abs routine which I'd increased as the original one got easy. Had got to -

    100 medicine ball twists
    40 ab curls
    20 obliques to each side
    20 reverse curls
    100 cycles
    20 reverse curls
    50 scissors
    100 pulses
    50 scissors
    40 ab curls
    20 obliques
    5 min plank
    100 medicine ball twists

    Anyway, must stop being lazy - having got up at 5am to make sure I had time to digest my brekkie before my run, I've only just woken up so need to get my bum into gear and get ready for my run!
  • Kazz
    Unlucky, mystifying injury. Sometimes you just can't get to the underlying cause. Very frustrating because you want to be sure it doesn't happen again.

    Your core stability must be ace - providing you do pelvic floor and glutes stuff as well of course!

    No, I'm well impressed with that session. Would you really do the whole lot in one go? Or would you break it up over a week. That's about 600 abs moves plus a 5 min plank! It seems a TAD obsessive! Or perhaps I'm just lazier...

    What's a medicine ball twist? I see you do 200 of them. I know what a medicine ball is.

    Hope today's run went well - what distance?

    I know you love the 5k distance so I meant to ask you: do you think you are better suited to shorter races? I see you have 3 unmentionables planned for this year - isn't that a lot of extra mileage type training for a none favourite race distance? Do you just want to improve over all distances and will sharpen later in the year for 5ks (as you did imply earlier - I am concentrating)

    As I am still a relatively novice runner I am still trying to discover what is the best race distance for me.
  • Yep, that was an almost daily session. If I enjoy something and find I'm good at it I can become a wee bit obsessed.

    Med twists. Sit with you legs straight out in front of you, hold the ball to one side and then twist round to the other. Really advanced are to raise the legs off the ground (still keeping them straight) - now that I struggle to do.

    I don't think I've really found a distance that I could call my own. I suppose given my times (and improvements) I'd say it was probably 5k and 10k but then again I haven't done a mara since 2002 so we shall see!

    I want to try and have a bash at a bit of everything this year - whether that means I can make any real inroads into my times remains to be seen. Would like another good crack at that 5k time, get a sub-50 10k, get a half pb (my first is still my fastest) and do that sub-4 mara that I'm almost certain's in me somewhere!! Ageing limbs allowing of course!!! ;o$
  • Wonder how Pammie got on today...
    and have been thinking about Chouette and hoping she's enjoying her holiday in Finland.

    Today: 6.5 miler round Hyde Park and Green Park. Plus 11.2 miles on bike and .5 mile walk. Just bigging myself up a bit - need to because Serpie runs can be dispiriting affairs if you let them. My friend and I set off before the main 7 mile group and they still passed us twice. Our hard earned 11 minute miles just aren't in the same league as those 7 minute miles kids!

    Err - they're not all kids either.

    Anyway I sprinted up the tube ramps - which was nice - and encouraged my friend into a quicker final 80 metres. I am well and truly Peak Freaned, legs feel quite tired tonight - but not as tired as my arms after all those hammer curls yesterday.

    Week's total so far 23.25. Average for month - 27.5. So I have done what I set out to and will see how I feel tomorrow. Monday is planned as a rest day, so if I've recovered by tomorrow then I will do a mile or two.
  • Oh did just under 4.5 miles today and 9 planned for tomoz.
  • Kaz

    It a lovely day for a LSR.
  • Tracey
    Didn't you do your LSR yesterday? It was a very steady run. Is the Serpie 5k your next race? I know you have got a very full racing calendar....

    I have to work this morning - keep going online instead, and flat is a disaster zone. Will do short and sweet later.
  • morning sharkie

    Yes I did my LSR yesterday. Just today his lovely and sunny and lot less wind.

    You should see my house.

    My next race is Dartford 10, next Sunday.

    After that I am doing

    Serpies 5k Jan
    Serpies 5k Feb
    Roding Valley half marathon - 25 Feb
    Hastings half marathon - 11 March
    Marwell Zoo 10K - 29 April
  • bloody hell Pacey Tracey

    you will be Hippo-esque. In other words, no training needed you do so many races.

    or perhaps just speed training?
    those delightful intervals? You know you love them!

    Just joking. I will get in trouble if I suggest peeps neglect

    Anyway I have done over 100 this past month! That's a lot for me.
  • sharkie

    That is less races than I did last year. I did 19 miles this week.

    I am going to get my LSR upto 10 miles and leave it there for a while.
  • Do you get nervous before races, or do you just enjoy the whole process?
  • sharkie

    I panic about getting to the start on time. Did get nervous about my marathon and Eridge 10 off-road race.

    Do you get nervous?
  • sharkie

    I am not looking forward to the serpies 5k, because it is hard work and painful.
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