Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • I think the shorter the race the more jittery one can feel. Perhaps because there is less time to make up if things go wrong. The biggest nerves are probably for track races - because a track race is a real performance. I mean there are people IN SEATS watching you - and they can see the whole race, so it's very different from a road race. That's why I compare it to being on stage I guess.

    Marathons and halves seem the most social affairs. Perhaps that's one reason why they are so popular. Do you talk to peeps in a mara? I mean there's no way you can do that in a 5k - never mind a track race.

    Of course i am not implying that a m..... isn't hard, it's just hard in a different way.
  • T'was a lovely day for a LSR Tracey alth' still a tad breezy. Still just meant I stayed nice and cool rather than broil in the sunshine!!!

    Just under 9 miles - positively tortoise-like pacewise but that's not a prob at the mo. Leg was a wee bit twingey which I'm hoping is not a sign of things to come.

    St Albans 10 miler next week, then Gt Bentley half two weeks after that.

    Untidy flats - guarantee you mine will take the biscuit!!!!! ;o(
  • sharkie

    Yes I talk to people in half/marathons. I bored Hippo silly at Beachy Head LOL.
  • Kazz
    Hope the twinge is nothing to worry about, I guess you are building up again slowly.

    One thing I still find alarming is the slow pace of a lot of my runs. I have been told to shut up about it but it is quite difficult to keep the faith. You are a bit of a speedy lady so what do you consider your comfortably slow pace is? I can't help but be alarmed at my 11 min plusers in relatively short runs.

    If anyone who already knows me reads this then pretend you havent'! I have never asked Kazz before.
  • Hoping it's nothing to worry about too sharkie!!

    Both yesterday and today were fairly hilly runs - well hilly for round here anyway (prob didn't help the leg overly)! Pre-injury I was happily trucking round at 7.30-7.45 pace but at the mo it's more like 8.15-8.30. With an aim of a sub-4 mara that's ok - assuming I could keep that up for 26 miles.

    Keep working at it sharkie. I know from experience that if you put in the work you will get results.
  • Didn't feel too tired and the weather was pleasant so I did another 3.25 to bring this weeks miles to 26.5. Averaging at 28.25 for the past 4 weeks.

    2 laps of the park is only 2.2 miles so I tried to push it a bit. Not to race pace but hard enough to feel the effort. The pace was: first lap 9:58, and second - which I did push a bit on - 8:57. My 4 mile race pace is 8:41 so I suppose this was ok on top of the Mega-Miles-For-Me-Month.

    Bit of a dull post unless you like other people's indecipherable statistics.
    I do - but it depends on who the other person is.
  • slow speed-12 plus min miling

    i talk to people in maras-sometimes
    not usually inhalves-they hurt too much now
  • I bet you listen to people in maras Hipps.

  • I do if i am taking them round
    then if they go quiet i start talking to them

    then they get faster
    wonder why;))
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hello - just reporting here to say i'm still here on earth.

    I've just been so tired this week not done much running (not been eating proper either) I don't know if it was doing the extra night or what.

    But i am seriously considering re-evaluating my schedule

    The reason i picked Hals is i looked around for ideas on schedules and that and what i saw was either aimed at beginners or the spedy track merchants

    The spark is gone the passion has evaporated, i still like to run but so far this weekend all i want to do is sleep.

    I'm hoping if i can if it doesn't make me a wimp to work out some 14 day running schedule as that is how my shift pattern works. So i'm not going to worry too much.

    But i know i want to get out there again

    Yes i want to run faster, and i need to run more miles the weight is creeping up again.
  • pammie-you sound so tired
    Please rest
  • Pammie
    Had the same thing with schedules. Don't worry - you sound completely knackered. Back with proper reply later. Have some good food and proper rest.
    sharkie xxxxxxx
  • Take it easy Pammie - new training schedule plus the shifts, not surprising you're tired. Have a good rest and re-evaluate. x
  • Pammie

    I did Hal begineers marathon training plan for Abingdon and that left me knackered.

    He had you running 3 day on the trot plus a LSR.
  • Pammie
    It is supposed to be fun. No-one is paying us to train and be in races. So if you have a 'bad' week - who cares! Well, we care that you are feeling grim about it.

    You have trained for and run a marathon. You have lots of miles in your legs. There must be a plan to be thought out for you with the right amount of miles and enough speed training to sharpen those miles up a bit. But it has to be something you enjoy and doesn't leave you pissed off.

    You will probably get your heart singing again the next good run you do when you aren't feeling wiped out from lack of sleep and not eating properly. Of course there will be a next good run. It's just down the road a piece. (R and r talk for my r' an r 5k band member)

    If you need a schedule to adapt what about the ol' Hal's Intermediate one? Add a few miles, put in a couple of extra rest days if ness?

    I'm sure other peeps can give better advice than I can. I'm just the poncey guitarist don't forget!
  • that would not be me

    i do not know what a good run is

    but-pammie-back off a while luv
  • Of course you do Hippo. It is Beachy.
  • Well the bit of running we did anyway.
  • You tell her Tracey!
  • I would like a run without pain

    bit fed up

  • (((Hipps))) - sleep tight! x
  • Hipps
    You've goodnighted on a sad note. Still pain? Not suprised you're fed up. Can't say anything of use or cheeriness to you. Wish I could.
    xx sharkie
  • Hi everyone. I am back from Helsinki where I managed to run twice - it's a glorious city for running with bits of lake and river and sea all over the place.

    Hippo - sorry to hear you are hurting. Spose you're still running every day?

    Pammie - it sounds entirely sensible to concoct a 14-day running sched to fit in with your 14-day work sched. If you're trying to do a long run every week you could perhaps cut back to once a fortnight. And of course get lots of rest - sometimes just one good night's (or day's) sleep is enough to turn the running around...

    Hello sharkie, Kazz and anyone I've missed.
  • morning
    yes, pain gets you down when there isnt a respite

    its only been 3 weeks as well

    ah well, onwards and upwards

    thanks girls
  • Know that one Hipps! Did you manage to get a massage booked? Do you think you should see a fizz?
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    I've only been up half an hour
    and i wasn't working last night

    going out soon to spend some money and have a bite to eat in my favourite place
  • Pammie
    Hope by the time you read this you will be feeling better than yesterday. Bit of rest, bit of retail, bit of bite... should do the trick

    Oh Hipps, what can we do for you? Sweet FA it seems.
    Is it this week you will see Tigger's Mate?

    It's great to have you back. Is the Paris Half on the 11th March, same day as Hastings? Mr. Shhhhhh has upped his training to 2 runs a week. There's dedication!

    I did have a cut back week as you and ceal suggested, but it ended up being 26 rather than 20. The next two weeks will be a bit tricky-ish as I juggle London, Hastings, dental appointments, 2 birthdays, 60 plus miles and a yellow bin bag.

    Oh, and the little matter of earning my living which is what I should be doing now .....
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    yep feeling a bit better

    Got a few bargins spent just over £20 saved nearly £70.

    Had a salad some chicken wings
    will have something else shortly before work
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    I'm sorry!!

    I am so rude.

    Chouette did you have a nice time
  • sharkie

    I am on day one of a diet. For every 1lb I lose, I can go 10sec faster. That is a lot of weight to lose to get sub 25mins.
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