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  • Daz,
    If I wasn't a soft southern Serpie - like what I am these days - I would probably be an ard as nails Sale Harrier, as I am a Manc born an bred. Unfortunately my singular lack of talent means I don't think they'd have me. So ... lucky escape.

    4 5k races in June and July sounds fab though. I would do them like a shot. Whether I would run like shot is another matter.

    Ho hum I must stop being facetious.
  • Tracey
    They say that being able to run at lots of different paces is one of the things that marks out a good runner. So, as long as you can do something between fly and plod you're getting there! I was impressed by your club run. Was it hard work or did it just happen?

    What was your session tonight?

    Garlic report
    Whole cloves, as many as you like, roughly chopped seasonal veg vast quantities to taste, good slosh of olive oil, roughly quartered (or smaller) lemons 10 mins from end, herbs own preference. Roast the lot. No-one else will want many, if any, whole cloves of garlic so I get the lions share. Double yum. Dead healthy. No salt required
  • sharkie

    My club run just sort of happened.

    But now I have a tight ITB. It was a very painful massage today. It is a bit tender so no running for a couple of days.

    Ceal, is going to help me with my stretches at Serpies next week. Are you coming up to London that day?
  • 400 metres @ 6mph, 800 metres @ 8mph x 4
  • Kaz

    Well done.

  • Kazz
    On track, grass, tarmac or treadie? I assume treadie as you are giving mph rather than times. Do you just reduce the speed for the recoveries?

    Yeah, I have gone down to Hastings today for a week but will be back in London next Wednesday. Originally I wasn't going to run any last Fridays till March but I decided to make a special trip because of Hippo. However I now have to come back to London that week anyway so I can sit in a dentist's chair with my gob open but no talking for an hour. Oh joy.
  • Treadie, Sharkie. Have to change it manually between reps - love to have a treadie that could be set to all sorts of wonderful sessions.
  • sharkie

    How will you manage a whole hour without talking?

    That is great new about Serpies. Hope your OH is happy about it thou.
  • LOL Tracey to the above posting:-)))
  • Apparently if garlic is to do one good it has to be eaten raw!!!!
  • Tracey.
    I will help you with your stretches too and give you a bit of Pilates! It is the one thing I am good at.

    Right. Me and Running. MEmemememememememe.
    Didn't feel any ill effects from upping the pace a bit yesterday in the way that I did. So I'm encouraged by that. But I will keep it easy tomorrow - I know I need to keep the heart rate down to make the endurance gains - speed/endurance is my weak point. Perhaps it is for most peeps? Perhaps that's a daft thing to say because that's what distance running is all about after all..


    Ok. Tonight was the 4 miler along the sea front. In ten short days I had forgotten just how strong the wind is on the promenade. Cor! Didn't time it on purpose, but I did do the strides again although not for a whole mile as running against the wind was tough. Picked up the pace - probably too much - on the way back, but legs feel fine. I need to be cautious tomorrow. I did note that Chouette said one can feel the effects of pushing the pace too much a day or two later rather than immediately. Err- I should look back and check this really...

    Anyway I will wear my HRM tomorrer.

    Heart rate 65% or 70% for most runs? Or does it depend?

  • Last words (for now!) about GARLIC.

    I'm afraid I do eat at least two raw cloves a day! I tend to have a washing up bowl full of salad twice a day, and I garlic press a clove or two of the raw stuff into it.

    You DO have to press it - even I can't bite into whole cloves.

    it is a good job that - according to my dentist - I have excellent dental hygiene.

    Apart from the one dodgy molar. Sigh. Perhaps the bone has been ambushed by rogue garlic?
  • sharkie
    you are so healthy
  • Hipps!
    Hiya. How are you? Although I hardly dare ask. I was just about to chase around the forum to glean a bit of info...

    I have to be a bit healthy now as I had such a misspent youth.
  • Tracey G - Don't YOU start!
    If you all start ganging up on me to do a marathon, I will vacate this thread until the middle of June at the earliest...
  • Daz - no need to harrumph. 8-)
    sharkie said it right at the start: no mention of the m-word...

    sharkie - I'll be interested to see what your average HR is. For a start, you could just run easy and observe, then take it from there. Or try keeping it below 70%WHR and see how challenging that is.

    Chunks of lemon in the roasted veg is a great idea. I LOVE lemons and as you say, there's seldom any competition for them.
    Not keen on raw garlic but I keep trying to add a teensy bit to my lunchtime salad. Half a clove is my max - easy to crush with the tip of a knife.

    I have noted that the TV food programme ceal mentioned is tonight at 9pm, which is 10pm here - will I manage to stay awake? BBC2, I think.
  • Daz
    You are safe here. The idea is that this is an m... free thread. There is plenty of that long energy sapping stuff elsewhere. No no no no no no no - it's not energy sapping, it's probably a delightful skip through the daisies, but please - not here.

    So Tracey: NOT HERE!
  • Chouette
    Crossed posts re That Distance.

    The problem with the HRM is that I don't know my actual max. Andy tried to get it at the gym but we had problems getting a reading. Using various formula plus his actual knowledge of me, he eventually arrived at 135 for,I think, my 70%. Anyway he wote a couple of programmes for either the treadie or outside. To my shame I have never done them - although of course I do do intervals and I do try to raise my heart rate at times.

    They both have spikes at 154. So the 30 min prog has 12 mins @ 135 then (2 @ 155 4@ 135) X 3 then 2 mins walk at 110. The 60 min prog has 4 and 6 minute intervals. He printed it all out for me but there's no mention of the percentages - just what he wanted me to do.

    But he did say I should do most of my running around the 135 mark. So I assume that's the magical 70%. Also it might be relevant that Andy is convinced I am a sprinter and doesn't like me doing lots of long runs. He realises it would be daft for me to really train like a sprinter though. I have to be able to run distance else I will be Jenny No Mates!

    Maths isn't my strong point but I will try and work out what that 155 is. 80%? My resting heart rate is 42.

    It will be tricky taking readings today as we seem to have gale force winds here on the coast. Another 'exciting' run beckons....
  • Morning all.


    How naughty was you in your youth?

    My knee is stiff this morning. I was warned that it would be tender.


    When is your next 5k race?
  • Careful of that knee Tracey!!
  • Tracey
    I played electric guitar in a rock band with 3 boys and my best girl friend until her husband stopped her, do I really need to go into the details...

    Your legs will be great by tomorrow, are you getting into this sports massage thing now? My quads are a bit achey this morning - think it was the quick bit on the home stretch last night.

  • Tracey
    I played electric guitar in a rock band with 3 boys and my best girl friend until her husband stopped her, do I really need to go into the details...

    Your legs will be great by tomorrow, are you getting into this sports massage thing now? My quads are a bit achey this morning - think it was the quick bit on the home stretch last night.

  • sharkie

    Before the massage I was not going to run until Friday, too bloody windy anyway.
  • hobbles througb mutteringmarathon
  • Morning Hippo.
  • morning
  • Is it today you have your massage Hipps?
  • yes it is

  • Hippo
    have a good wibble!
  • Hope it goes ok. Sure you'll feel better for it (maybe not at the time tho!).

    Right, off out into freaky windy weather. Catch you all later.
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