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  • Hippo

    My knee feels worse today.

    Did she say you should run or rest?

    The speak and language lady at Andre school has a full deep tissue massage once a month. She says afterwards she does not stop go to the toilet.
  • she says i can run
    she knows i run daily
  • Are you going to have another one next month?
  • maybe
    i had a nightmsare getting there


    offski for a bit
  • Maybe next time you can drive there.

    Bye for now.
  • Hipps
    I have just missed you obviously. Full report please - be as terse as you like but give us a clue as to what's going on. Sometimes massage can be a bit wibbly in the head too...

    I'm working all evening (on my Mac, meaning I keep sneaking checks on the forum) so I hope you come back at some point.
  • Hipps
    I am sure you will feel better for it in a couple of days time, and you know all the stuff like drink plenty of water etc.
  • Im back
    I just went out for a while
    a very little while
    you know

    it will be tea time soon

    I felt a bit sick and "toxic" post massage
    my legs feel-fragile, like glass, and yes they hurt-and in new places.They feel hot and inflamed.Im am sure this is all correct
    I never knew i had a right calf issue till today!

  • Nothing like a massage for finding out about one's body.
  • BM's not til Sunday (yes?) TMR reckons you'll be ok to run it. That's one runner to another, but all the same I'm sure she'd say if she felt otherwise. So, ceal, wouldn't you think Hipps will feel quite a bit better by then? All you put your legs through babe - they must have been crying out for some focused attention: tough, tender - or both.

    No wonder every muscle and tendon is announcing its presence. They've cottoned on to my catch phrase: memememememememe...

    Can you chill out tonight?
  • (((Hippo & her poor little legs)))

    You have lots of marathons/ultras in those legs of yours.

    Have an early night, so you legs get a rest.
  • You were a very brave Hippo.
  • Chouette, TS, ceal
    I know, I know. I could get a fairly accurate HR max by wearing my monitor in a short race. Trouble is all the races I did at the end of last year seemed too important to be faffing about with the damn thing. It doesn't always register and I still haven't sussed out how to use the stopwatch properly. Ok, that makes me a pathetic no-hoper. I keep meaning to go through the manual yet again but haven't made time to do so.

    And Chouette - I'm not racing next Friday - just going along. I am weaning myself off racing every month especially while I build the miles up a bit - you know all about that!

    How you feeling after the holiday week by the way. On reflection do you reckon it's been useful cutting back and having a change ?

    ( Better check you haven't gone into this in detail elsewhere.)
  • ((Hipps)). Not surprising you feel ropey at the mo but you will feel the benefit. Take it easy today and I'd recommend you having them regularly, esp with the mileage you do.

    ((Tracey)) - hope you're knee eases soon. Take care of yourself.
  • (((Hippo)))!!!!!
    But I kept saying you should say if I was going too deep and hurting, and you didn't give so much as a single squawk or whine the whole way through.

    Like someone has said, and I should have told you, drink loads loads of water. If you are feeling a bit fluey/toxic now , it just shows how much gunk was locked up in your muscles.

    And I'm absolutely sure you'll be fine by Sunday for BM
  • That's good positive words and vibes for Hippo from Roo:-))
  • TMR
    I so DID squawk

    didnt i?????

    anyway-you were only doing a gentle massage-werent you?

    I dread to think

    Re toxic-i expect this
    its kind of like the catharsis i would get after therapt or a Yoga session touching the spot, so to speak

    i am familar with the dustbin coming to the outside

    its all good
  • No, you didn't; and several times when I was looking for clues from you expression you didn't even seem to be suffering. And yes I was being fairly gentle. When i get massage I'm groaning and moaning and squeeling almost all the way thorugh, but feels great when the muscles are looser the next day.

    And you wanted to find out what you'd be letting yourself in for with the course next w/e, didn't you ?
  • gosh maybe my squeaks are quiet then

    (never look at my face-wont work-i smile in the face of pain)

    its all good though

    the legs arent hot now

    im going to feel rubbish in general for the next 2 days

    yes, i know this one

    means to an end
    it will be good

    (look, i did whinge with the elbows!!!!!!!)
  • Did you run outside today Kaz - or were you just on your way to work earlier?

    Here's me:
    After a wild and definitely cross training walk over the Westcliff this morning I decided to leave any running until this evening. There was a lot less wind by 6, so although the outwards section was still hard work it was at least possible to stand up and not be blown into the sea.

    6.1 miles.
    I wore the wretched HRM but it just went from 50 to 80 to 168 and stayed there on the slow outward, although I could have sung a bloody aria and done a hand jive while running. So I switched it off and ran by perceived effort.

    I would guess at 11 minute ish pace for the first 3 miles, then 2.5, wind assisted at just under 10 (watch and complicated mental arithmetic brings me to 9:58) and I DID sing a bit and talk to myself to make sure I could. Well, there were no other fools out and about.

    Actually i tell a lie, I think I saw a small Hastings running club contingent. I know there are 3 clubs round here.

    So it's going ok. Legs still feel alright and I'm not tired yet. Tomorrow will be tricky - there's a big social do most of the day. I might try and run home after it. GOT to get to 30 this week...

  • sharkie

    er, I am a lazy hippo

    have you done a max HR test?

    Mine dont fit the formula
  • No I had pt tonight so it was a treadie job. No way I'd have run outdoors in the wind we had this morning. Seriously struggled to stay upright just walking to the station!!

    My mileage won't top 20 miles this week.
  • Aargh - my long post I missed all the bit before.

    How lovely to see you! I sometimes read your reports on the Hard training thread and I'm always v. impressed, both by your dedicated training and the results you get. Although I know there's been ups and downs of course

    You won't remember but you were lovely and helpful to me when I very first posted. I was wondering if it was possible to start sprinting at 50 plus.

    Anyway sounds like you have started some good work on Our Hippo of the Sorrows.

    I certainly squeak in massages. Delicate language is uttered.

  • well


    I didnt swear

    and i do in real life
  • it still blidddy hurt
  • I'm sure it hurt.
    'Did not suffer enuff"

    Too much bottling it up don't you think?
    'Sprobably like yoga
    got to let go.
  • what
    cry like a baby

    not yet mate, not yet

    (it still fecking hurt)

    But is all good-ohhhhhhhhh yes

    I dont hate my bod any more, and it knows when things are good

    and this was
  • Hi Sharkie
    I only came along this way 'cos PH had said there was discussion of what was in store for Hipps...
  • Dead good Hipps
    Dead good
  • well, dead;))
    hee hee


    The bod needs challenging

    this is what this is

    ive ben here before
    aint nice
    but it is good
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