Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • TMR
    If you see this:
    I wouldn't expect you to frequent this thread. I know you are a serious That Distance and Beyond person. Although Hipps is known for her liking for That Distance (and Beyond) too she has somehow, ahem, got tangled up with us and there is no escape for her.

    watch this space!
  • Nothing wrong with That Distance sharkie!!! ;o)
  • Also there is no earthly reason why Hipps shouldn't run a 5k. She is a woman of many talents as everybode kno.

    And Hipps, I'm still not at peace with my body. Getting there - something about fit for purpose - that's one reason running is good for my head.
  • but TMR is a fast peeps
  • I hate 5ks (and the women's cross country races which are usually around 6k) - far too painful, but try and do a few each year.

    As for Hipps, with new spring in her step and an extra yard to each stride there'll be no stopping her now, - not to mention that i spotted that she now seems to be a rather mal-nourished-looking Hippo
  • Kaz
    I KNOW there isn't. I've said so lots of times. But probably 99% of the posts on this forum are dedicated to it - I just want one little marathon free corner! Even if it gets a bit like vanity publishing and there's only me left on it!
  • Sharkie

    Yoga will get you at peacewith your body

    i got there with loads of m

    you know

    but Yoga will do it


    that is one word which cannot EVER be applied to me!

  • *disclaimer-not in 1983
  • I am going to count nexrt week as my first 5k

    Hope thats ok
  • a malnourished hippo; praps an overfed stick insect
  • !983
    The year of being a bit too thin perhaps
    (and other stuff) ?
  • I'm just perverse sharkie - I like both 5k and That Distance! And am determined to pb (several times) at both this year (and every other distance too)!!!! ;o)

    I aint NEVA going to be too thin
    am still joyously almost obese

    I like me grub

    Im at the loer end now, well, a few months on i may be at the higher end(into obese)

    im not dieting, and i wont!

  • Keep crossing posts so I will shut it after this...

    PB guaranteed at your first 5k next week. The inaugural 5k of the Sub 25 thread in fact.

    I look forward to meeting an overfed stick insect masquerading as a Hippo.
  • re distance

    we all have to have variety

    (fck i am terrified)
  • sharkie-you know what i look like dont you?
  • night
  • Hipps
    Yes I do know what you look like - I have seen quite a few photos, several from last year so quite recent.
  • Morning girls. Busy thread!

    Hipps - how are you feeling today? As others have said, keep drinking the water. I'm really looking forward to your first 5k report.

    I may make peace with my body when it does a sub-25 5k.

    Kazz - you are so versatile.

    I am no more anti the m-distance than I am anti-holidays but both of them seriously interfere with my training, and training is what I am into right now. Hols are necessary now and again to keep Mr C happy, but I plan to avoid the m-word until my next big birthday, in five years' time.

    sharkie - I think you too have the Polar 625SX? You can email me if you need help with basic functions (not that I'm an expert). I've had a lot of trouble with getting readings on mine but it has been behaving since I started scrubbing the electrodes thoroughly with soap, water and a nailbrush after every use (thank you TS).

    Once you get used to wearing it regularly, it won't seem any more trouble to wear it in a race. Well, no more trouble than putting on your bra and knickers anyway - just part of what you do to go running.


    Perceived effort may help some peeps but having chatted my way through a half at an average 90%WHR, I don't think it helps me.

    Anyway, even if the HR bit isn't working, you'll still find the distance and pace readings useful.

    I don't work for Polar. Honest.
  • Morning

    legs still stiff
    fuzzy head has gone
  • Morning all.


    Your legs will feel better tomorrow.
  • yes, i am sure they will
    ive not had any drugs today
  • It could take a day or so Hipps but it's a good sign that you've not had to have any tabs today!

    Right, off to see what the weather's done to the trains. Catch you later.
  • Hipps
    That's a start. Look, you're in harmony with the weather... a sort of getting better, clearing up, snibbit of sunshine through the clouds (cue violins) sort of day.

    Ah, a post to gladden my heart - or at least to elicit a 'yesss!' on several counts. Good points about HR.

    I will email later. One of my probs is that Polars are only PC compatable and I'm an Apple Mac girl. However may have sorted this with something called err - open house, open door, open bottle, open something software. Will scrub the belt today. It's a soft one - so is that still alright? Actually I love gadgets and would be over the moon Brian to make full use of the expensive little toy...

    Oh and have a good run today
    same goes for anyone reading.
    GWS really.
    Are acronyms getting OOH?
  • Hippo

    I will run with you at Serpies next Friday. It was my 1st evert 5k.
  • Tracey
    i cannot keep up with you!!!

    Blue skies are here today
  • Hippo

    I will run at your pace.
  • Sounds like a historic LFOTM gathering - wish I could be there!

    sharkie - not sure if my belt is soft, a bit softer than the previous one probably. Whatever, you can't hurt it.

    I don't use the Polar software on my PC. Installed it and it looks good in theory but crashes constantly.
  • chouette, I'm interested in you comments about the Polar. I've got one too, and love it to bits. When you talk about scrubbing the electrodes are you talking about the HRM ? I can't work out why the speed thing sometimes looses the link more than others. I know power lines can do it, and it behaves badly when the battery is going down. Anything to scrub on the footpod ?
  • Hi TMR - the bits to scrub are on the chest strap.
    I don't scrub the footpod. Have you tried increasing your sampling rate (in Options, Memory set, Rec rate). I have mine set at 5 secs - it uses up memory faster so you need to delete files regularly. I try to remember to do this weekly after my long run.
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