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  • Morning all.


    It is my fault, I said you would feel better today.
  • well
    as i said
    its a DIFFERENT pain
    and it isnt 48 hours yet
  • me again
    perhaps the alcohol deaden ed the pain last night Hipps?
    Lunch went on from 12.30 til 6.30 and i got home about 7. I didn't drink THAT much (hmm...) but was still pleasantly surprised at how easy the run home was.

    But then I was unpleasantly surprised at how crap I felt (sick and heady) from about 9 o clock onwards.

    So delayed semi hangover? Or did I just churn everything up running home.?

    Oh, who cares, I'm ok this am and I did get my Ms i n(or ks for you Chouette)
  • Sharkie
    you needed more wine:))

    currently putting off run by hanging out washing
  • that was deeply unpleasant
    I am going back on the drugs for tomorrow
  • Oh no, so no real improvement?
    or is the pain still different?
  • I have no power in my legs at all

    to be honest-its all been going on so long that i do wonder if my perception of "pain" has altered
    it wasnt AGONY
    My legs just wouldnt work, and my HR was shy high even at 12.5 min miling
  • recap if it's not too boring for you...
    Suspected injury to iliopsoas. Possible strain happened in yoga but could be overuse? Pain when moving - where in body? Related to your recurring back problems? ( By the way are you addressing the back issues/) Right side? Main pain in right quad (what sort - stabbing, aching, throbbing) Or were you just told you have a quads prob. No I'm sure you mentioned pain in thigh.

    Today you said there was pain in the other leg. WTF is going on Hipps?
    Sorry to nag. I can't believe there is no way to get to the bottom of this and move forward. Rather than sideways and in agony.

    I have to go Over The Top ( the windy cliff route to the food shops) now but will be back later.
  • oh doublebollocks cross post.
    Do have to go out now,
    got to sort this out sweetheart
  • ((Hipps)) - be careful tomoz.

  • given by when i first notivced the groin pain

    original injury cuased by a drunken show off Yoga pose at my parents.Did a camel and fell back.Didnt hurt at all at the time, nor the next day until after a 7 mile run
    suspect i might have gone into a reclining hero-a pose i cannot do under any circs

    nasty right iliopsoas injury, couldt lift right leg independently for a couple of days

    then a 60 mile week on knacky shoes
    then compensatory quad spasm-bilaterally becuase if a spastic(used literally) defensive running gait

    the hamstrings are involved too, thye dont hurt when i run, but stretching them helps the quad pain

    id not say i was in agony at the moment

    pain not related to back
    back is behaving beautifully at the mo(thank god)

    quads pain move, i suppose depending on how i have been running

  • id better go and get tomorrows tea on
  • It's 9.45 already and I have a date with match of the Day very soon. Yeah alright I'm sad, but just in case a fellow footie fan is reading this and hasn't heard todays results - it may be worth watching!

    Hippslinger - it looks like I have missed you as I have read via Tracey that you are in a hotel and 'feeling fine' which I can't help wondering about. Whatever. Have a great day tomorrow, have a good time racing - which i know you've missed - and may your aches and pains all melt away with the morning. I'm trying positive thinking as a last resort. xxxxxxxxx

    SpeedQueen in Training. What is it you are up to tomorrow? Is it the Dartford 10? Or what?
  • Footie - sharkie, no surely not!!!! ;oP

    Hipps, hope the race went well and that you had a good catch up with the FFF'ers!

    Tracey, hope you enjoy Dartford as much as I intend to enjoy St Albans! Altho' you've probably not got as early a start as I have!!
  • Hiya Kazz,
    Is St. Albans a 10 miler- I can't find it. Surely not tomorrer?
  • It is, it's called Fred Hughes 10 (altho' don't know who Fred Hughes is/was).
  • Tracey
    I know you're around although you should probably be getting an early night! What time are you going for tomorrow? Anything in particular? Have you done this race before - it's supposed to be a nice one.
  • Kazz
    Oh yeah I do know it - it's an official Serpie race, so loads of my club mates will be there putting me to shame. Every other over 50 Serpie lady is seriously fast. I'm not kidding. The only thing I get 'picked' for ("Pick us boss, pick us!" - guess who footie fans!) is the 100 metres, oh and the 200...

    none of the others want to pick up an injury sprinting!

    Anyway - good good good luck to you. Any targeet times? First race since injury?
  • Cheers sharkie, looking forward to a nice flat run - plus it has the added bonus of going past the end of a friend's road so will be going to hers afterwards for a fry up!!!

    Hoping for a pb (sub 1.24) but will be happy with a solid, twinge-free run. No it's my second race - did a 5 miler in Wales on Boxing Day.
  • Sharkie

    I am here. Tomorrow will be my first Dartford 10.
  • Tracey
    Well, best of luck with it. Hope the weather improves for you. How are you feeling? Is the knee ok now? Don't go knackering youself before Friday now will you?

    And how did young Hipps sound when you spoke to her? I think I missed catching her - I went on a 6 miler this afternoon because the weather cleared up a bit.
  • sharkie

    It is still meant to be windy tomorrow. I will start out at about 10mm and see how it goes. My knee fells ok.

    Me and Hippo are running together next Friday.
  • Here's today's report:

    6.4 miles this afternoon complete with fully functioning HRM.
    I gave the chest strap a good clean and it worked fine. I managed not to record the data for the return part of the run, but I did at least note what it was at the time.

    The wind was very strong (yes, it was the sea front again - complete with crashing waves - very dramatic!) and I was determined to keep my heart rate under 135 - 70%.

    So 3.2 miles @ 11:48 pace av heart rate 122 = 62%
    then - because this was an out and back and I was testing my monitor, I stopped and started again
    3.2 miles @ 10:18 pace av heart rate 136, (not 135) = 71% So I was going an incey bit too fast probably.

    This windy weather does play havoc with pace and effort. I'm sure it's good for training but it's not much good for statistics!

    28.45 this week so far. No intervals, but did do some tempo stuff, so will probably just do an easy 3 or 4 tomorrow. I will have to have a rest day on Wednesday when I have the tooth out. So have to run every day til then. Quite new territory for me these miles, so i have to be careful not to overdo it.

    So far so good.
    touch wood
  • Trace, just heard the bridge is closed - hope you get to Dartford ok.

    Not sure that being awake since 3 listening to the wind is quite the best prep for a race but.............
  • Kaz

    We left at 8.45am and the bridge was open. It was hard.
  • Tracey
    I read your race report on Over 60s. All power to you missis - I wouldn't want to race 10 miles in any conditions, let alone a strong headwind. Think you made the right decision near the end - you've got to be fine for Friday after all!

    Do you feel ok now?

    I'm off for a breezy 5k alongside Winchelsea beach, with the Romney marshes on the other side. Sounds nicer than Dalston doesn't it?

    Now do I wear the HRM again?
  • sharkie

    My knee is hurting a bit. Hope Hippo is kind to me on Friday. Alan did really really well, but I will let him tell you all.
  • I did not run with my bottle. I had 1 gel and some jelly babies.

    I did not wear my HR monitor today.
  • Tracey
    It's great that you are coping without your bottle! There are some runners at my club who seem to take the entire contents of their kitchens on four mile strolls round the park.

    Look after that knee - ice it and elevate it. You deserve to put your feet up anyway. :-)
  • sharkie

    I did run with my ipod thou. Maybe that helped.
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