Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • It probably did - but they're not allowed in Hyde Park races. So you'll just have those long legs of yours to rely on on Friday. Oh and the fact that you'll have Hipps for company and me shouting at you!

    Do you want me to shout? Or just smile?
  • sharkie

    I will not need a ipod at serpies I will have Hippo telling me to go faster.:0)

    Maybe someone should tell the runners at the Serpentine 5k, a lot still wear ipods.
  • Hi T, not the best of days for racing hey?!? Just home (via a friend's for brunch and Mum's (latter being much more soul destroying than the former)). Absolutely pooped - been out since 7.45.

    Well, as a race that made a good training run! Was doing ok till 8 miles then just ran out of steam - prob combination of less than 3 hours' sleep last night, lack of race fitness, and a bloody strong headwind for the last 3 miles. Annoying not to do well on what was a great course for fast racing but given how things have been over the last few months I'm not overly upset.

    Didn't bother with gels/sweets - don't tend to for 10 miles and under. Will do for Gt Bentley tho.

    See what you mean about it being a big Serpie race sharkie!
  • hello

    I was "fine" last night following industrial quantites of drugs
    at least i had a pain free night, and I didnt do TOO badly at the half-ran all the way, but not flat out(I didnt dare)-2.17.35 by mine, will be 2.18 summat oficailly

    well raced tracey and Kazz-conditons dont sound ideal
    Sharkie-a good run

    I am in a LOT of pain now, but the anti inflamms have worn off, and i think i am allowed to be after 13 miles
  • Hipps, nice one. Glad to hear the leg held out. Was more than a little worried about you I have to say.

    Sure the leg is bound to be sore but hopefully with a bit of rest and some anti-inflams you'll be ok in a day or two.

  • I was worried about me

    It is both legs BTW
  • ((((Hippo)))

    I was very worried about you.

  • (((Hippo)))

    I was worried about you.


    I hope my race split make you feel better.

    My target as usual was 1:40. Was on target for a pb 7 miles then hit a strong head wind. Then that horrible hill at mile 9 finished me off.

    My watch time 1:44:34

    11:22 (this is the hilly bit)
    12:18 (I gave in and walked a lot here. Did not think it was worth hurting my knee for a crap time.)
  • like i said, probably not as worried as i was
    I worked out last night that 13 minute miling would put me outside the cut off

    very nice to fun with something approaching normality though

    i need advice on warming up now
  • Hippo

    Ceal will give you plenty off advice on warming up. I only ever warm up for a 5k race. Very naughty I know.
  • I never warm up
    but i know i need to for a 5k
  • Good splits Tracey, apart from the two miles you mentioned. Don't know what mine were but pretty erratic. Need a training partner and/or racing partner and perhaps a little more realism about what I'm capable of.
  • Hippo

    We will have a nice gentle warm up on Friday.
  • Just got in to a positive deluge of race results. Two of them on here...

    Don't you want to reveal your actual time? Even if it wasn't what you hoped for I'm sure I would still find it quite inspiring! As you say, you are lacking race fitness, and your return from injury is still ongoing. It does sound as if you need to run with other people a bit more. I'm not your standard but I know that when I ran - even just once a week - with the same girl, who was younger and faster than I am, but not TOO much so, it really helped. Hard to find just the right person though. This girl has since buggered off back to Australia, damn her!

    Hoo - rah. You're back racing - your typo says it all, 'very nice to fun with something approaching normality.'
  • oh blimey-how freudian
    I overtook people steadily form 3 miles in
  • Soz sharkie didn't mean not to put my time down. Brain working as badly as the rest of me today!! Clocked 1.25.40.
  • Kaz

    Blood hell you run 8.5 min miles for 10 miles. I struggle to get near to 10min miles. :0(
  • Kaz

    Make me feel better and say it was a flat race.
  • You will easily do a sub 25 mins 5k.
  • now there is a challenge!
  • It was a flat race but I was still slower than Gt Baddow last year which is one of the toughest courses in Essex.

    Pacing was really erratic which didn't help. First two miles congested so pretty slow but there were a few quick miles in there - esp, somehow, the 8th which I did in 8 min dead. Wheels fell off the wagon after that tho'!!
  • Kazz already HAS run a sub 25. I think she's after the next big target - Taddah! Sub 20! Still, this thread is called '...and beyond.'

    Right you leggy ladies
    Six legs have seen hard service today
    Give 'em a break.
    Not literally
    that would not be clever


  • be good if one could temporarily detach ones legs wouldnt it
  • and swap them for someone else's?!??!! ;o)

    ooh sharkie, I think sub-20 could be a step too far. Still, stranger things have happened
  • ha ha Hippo.

    My legs feel fine. It is just my knee.

    Don't feel like I have run 10 miles.
  • well you bliddy did
  • I am wearing the t-shirt.

  • No t-shirt at St Albans - water bottle. S'pose it's quite useful.
  • Yep, Hipps it would. I think it is, and this sounds a bit mad, good news that both your legs are hurting. Especially if they feel the same. I'm sure you follow my reasoning. Are you going to trowel in more drugs or wait and see how you feel tomorrow?

    Kazz - 8:30 miles over distance are my next target. So you continue to inspire.

    Now I'm off to congratulate ceal....

    .... again!

    Back later
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