Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • Aargh!

    now I do have conflicting advice.

    How about cutting to 20 - 22 but taking it a bit easier early part of week? Proper no run day tomorrow and intervals on Tuesday? Or are intervals too hard on the legs. Have to say at this stage I find them easier than 90 minutes plodding.

    I am going to do weights and a serious stretching session tomorrow.

    Sub 26 for you my girl! Tell her everyone!
    (you gotter have a decent target to aim at babe!)
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    you will work it out:-)) Whatever is right for you, you will do it. Have confidence in whatever decision you come to.

    Do others realise that for the last 3 weeks that this is the first time that you have run this type of mileage.
  • My leggs are hurting in sympathy
  • SivSiv ✭✭✭
    Just popping in to wave bye bye. See y'all next weekend.
  • get me OFF this thread

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hippo, you have to stay

    Tracey - sub 26 for sure
  • C'mon Hipps you kno you want to. 5k's are great!!!! ;o)
  • GET behind me satan!!!!!!!!!!
  • FFS
    i do maras and Ultras!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • But variety is the spice of life Hipps! ;o)
  • Hipps
    I will talk yoga and stretching...

    I will make jokes and talk about music and cooking and even heavy duty funny stuff...








    xxxx siren sharkie

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

  • am i just bloody impressionable
  • Just three and a bit tiny little milies
  • No but sub-consciously you really want to do it!!! ;o)
  • Hippo

    If you ever do a 5k again. Please let is be a Serpies one.
  • well, it will be
    it wont be a race for life!


    how far in advance do you have to get the tickets
  • Serpies are just on the day aren't they T? Not done one yet.
  • Hipslinger
    I have just done a full reclining hero. Honest. I said to myself if I can do this tonight then my prancing river horse other side of the coin little friend (and yes you are little) will do a 5k.

    Of course that is arrant nonsense.

    But I did do it.
  • Hippo

    I have only just sent of for January's serpies race which is on the 24th.
  • oh Sh!t
  • Trace get me a voucher

    im in London for a massage couirse that weekend
  • Right.
    Last post tonight. I have got to do some heavy duty calf streches and foot exercises or I will be in thick mud (how's that for polite!) tomorrow.

    Serpie Last Friday of the Month needs to be entered n advance but can be done the relevant month. They are popular so it is good to get your entry in early. All the info is on the Serpie website.

    I've read lots of your many and varied posts. It's good to meet you and I see from your profile you actually like 5ks, and you are an Essex girl - so to speak. Have you got any races planned? I know you've been injured - what's the situation now?

  • Oh I remember now it's the voucher jobbie isn't it? Can't get over there normally - not in a lunch hour - but I won't be having lunch hours soon!!! So maybe February! ;o)

    Hi sharkie - yep, I'm an Essex girl born and bred! I love 5ks - well I did last summer when I was really concentrating on trying to lower all my pbs. Did a 5 miler on Boxing Day which was my first race since Barking Park in August. Am entered in St Albans 10 on 21 Jan and have a couple of halves in mind before FLM plus a 20 miler if I can find one.

    Once 5k season starts I'll be looking to get under that 21 min mark.
  • Hippo

    It is safer to send of for a number for serpies race that you want to do. So far I have only not got into it once. Do you still want me to get you a voucher?
  • Trace isnt that the 26th

    Im phoning my agency tomorrow
    i have to be in London that weekend for the course
    if im not working i will do the race

  • So you coming to the sosh too Hipps
  • yep

    even if the bar stewards get me work, i shall be at the sosh

    2 years since me last
  • Hippo

    Sorry. It is on the 26th January. It is Febs that is the 24th. Silly me.
  • ys well
    we will see

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