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  • Kaz

    I got a spot prize today a water bottle.
  • More drugs

    I need to get up and down the stairs

    both legs have been hurting for 3 weeks
    the compensation injury was bilateral

    but you cant tell anything after a fairly hard half-my last 2.16 half, i had to go to bed and sleep for an hour
  • aw sharkie, don't think I've ever inspired anyone before. S'really helped lift my blue mood. ;oP
  • I think your times are pretty inspirational Kazz
    if a little beyond my reach
  • And so to more mundane matters.

    No races for me yet. I am patiently trying to build miles. Today was 3.6 miles to bring the week's total to 32, the most I have ever done in 1 week - by one mile.

    Just a little chug between with Romney Marshes on one side and Winchelsea Beach on the other. A pleasure to be outside in the winter sunshine, if a little breezy. Getting tired of giving wind speeds rather than me speeds, although the wind is more consistent and never tires...

    This was a new route today - a short drive to it. Mr Sh... wandered about looking for driftwood while I chugged along a straight path and back which was mainly gravel and stones plus some grass and some concrete.

    That's it for this week then.

    Wonder where Pammie is? And more to the point how she is?
  • More than me sharkie dear;)

    pammike is abaht on the forum
  • sharkie - I hope you're having a great birthday.

    Birthdays improve your age grading overnight!

    Anyway, you are doing really well.

    And great racing by everyone at the weekend.

    I have a lurgy and haven't been running today but seem to be on the mend. Feel a bit icky but at least have the energy to post.
  • happy birthday Sharkie

    now then
    about this warm up malarkey
  • Hiya Space Bar Cadets!

    The good new thing about birthdays: better age grade percentage with no extra effort involved.


    Thanks for all good wishes... now before I start wittering on - Warm Ups.

    ceal is our best bet on this topic. (As she is on so many) I am terrible and rarely warm up enough and then wonder why I can't get going. Any time I have done a proper warm up I have been amazed at the difference.

    Ceal - please tell everyone the basic warm up you told me back in the summer. I probably could type it out but you are so much a betrer tpysit than I am. Wheedle wheedle.

  • Oh double treble bollocks that's a good start. I have already basically just echoed what chouette said about age grading.

    Do hope you aren't going to be really ill. Perhaps a day's rest (or even two at an unwelcome push) will do the trick and you will be raring to go in the snow.

    I think I have more or less got my HRM working although it went mad at the start of today's run - so I probably hadn't scrubbed it clean enough since last time. I think my max heart rate is 173, think that's what Andy decided on using a mixture of formula, treadmill and watching me. So the working percentages I am quoting are taken from that.

    I will do a max test on myself when the weather improves to my satisfaction.

    I gather it's all a bit ball park for most peeps anyway.

    Off for my exciting tea of sardine salad with petit pois and walnutty yoghurty balsamic dressing. it's better than it sounds . Honest!

    Will push the boat out with a small glass of cider.

    Back later
  • I like the sound of walnutty yogurty dressing
  • Happy birthday sharkie!!!!! ;o)
  • Happy Birthday Sharkie.


    Are you ready for our 8 min miles on Friday LOL. Don't bloody think so.

  • Wouldn't it be great though...
    Bet you'll both be quicker than you think. Weather forecast good so far.

    I had planned to have Wednesday as a rest day this week because that's when I go back to London and eek have a tooth extracted from my unwilling jaws. But yesterday was so grim here: freezing rain and bitter wind, and I had a load of work to finish, so I decided I would have to squeeze those 30 miles in another way. Best laid plans and all that...

    Quick digression. I know we are all grown ups here about pace. How do you manage to run 30 plus mile weeks if your 'steady' pace is no faster than 10:30 (6:32 mins per k) My 8 miler today averaged 10:40 (heart rate average 129 = 63%) I was determined to keep it steady. I could have speeded up but my heart rate would have gone up and I knew I had to keep it below 135. So every time it crept up to 134 or so I slowed down. It took me half the afternoon.

    Hipps - you frinstance - is the only way you can run lots of miles either by doing a mara every other week or by giving yourself this time not working? Chouette and I are both self employed which makes life easier in a way - but it's still bloody tricky trying to fit it all in. I get up early, I go to bed late, but it makes me mildly sad I can't fit all the things I want to do into the time available.

    This is a slightly ambiguous ramble. I know we make time somehow for the things we really want to do. Perhaps I am more interested in how you all feel about it. What have you let go in order to fit the running in? Housework, friends, telly, footy, binge-drinking, fly-posting, fly fishing, raving, stamp colecting, ballroom dancing... well what?

    And does anyone else think - hmm if I was/ can be in the future - a bit quicker - then it needn't take all this time, and I will enjoy it even more, and not have 'overuse injury' constantly flashing a warning LED in my head?

    Just wondering.
    As usual.

    PS Hipps - 'ows ze legs? And how are you?

  • well
    it depends on whether the legs are functioning

    I was 12.5 min miling today

    er, i ran30-mpw when working-and i think i could do 40
    i waste SO much time

    housework is the first to go(but what a waste of time that is)
    forum(and THAT is where i find time)

    i hardly dare say with the legs

    my drugs have worn off now

    and i can still do stairs

    i wonder-i wonder
  • If i am healed i will NEVER have CBA again
  • oh yes

    and running is an essential in my life these days-like brushing my teeth

    that is why this has been so devastating for me
  • Oh Hippo, good news about the stairs.

    My headache has cleared so I feel more human this morning. Haven't had much sleep and shan't be going very far from a loo, so reckon I need to take another day off running. This is a disaster but it can't be helped.

    sharkie, it took me eight hours to run my 43 miles last week. Before I started this more-miles lark, I ran for 35-40 minutes most mornings. Now it's nearer 1hr 15mins. I just get up and do it, even if I wake later than usual, and the day starts and finishes correspondingly later. Domestic harmony suffers.

    I haven't got much work at the mo which fits my overall life plan but I get very tired in the evenings so my OU work is suffering too. Quite often I load the dishwasher and slope off to bed at 9pm.

    Housework doesn't get done but what the heck.

    Never used to watch telly but I'm so tired nowadays I sometimes slump in front of it for a bit.
  • sharkie - how many days a week are you running? Eight miles seems a lot midweek... would it be easier if you could split it into 2x4miles on different days?

    Oh, and it took me about 18 months to be able to run at <70%WHR, even uphill. Then of course your RHR goes down and you have to start all over again...

    And like Hipps, I do waste a lot of time, dithering mainly about this and that.

    My musical activities suffer too. In fact they're practically non-existent whereas music used to be the most important thing in my life. It was what kept me sane. Now it's running. I tell myself all this is just a question of efficiency and organisation.

    Think I'll go back to bed for a while and muse about that.
  • Chouette
    if you dont mind my saying so, you sound really fed up
  • Hipps
    I'm sure ceal will respond to the warm up plea. If she is too busy then I promise to look back and post tonight. I have to catch a train soon (London - dentists) so won't be around til later.

    I need to sort this time-use-of malarkey - feel like I've spent half my life pondering it.

    Yes, you do sound pissed off. Who can blame you. That's rotten luck, I do hope your real recovery is swift. I'm sure your training won't suffer that much, you now have such a good base.

    I will look back properly tonight re amount of running. It's very mixed until recently. Between 3 and 7 days a week for the last 6 months! BUT real knock back weeks, for racing etc and pretty low mileage til the last month or two. Then there was that difficult couple of weeks I had before Christmas when I did sweet FA.

    After that real low point I pulled my metaphorical socks up and started my 6 or 7 days regime. I tend not to go for the sacred Sunday long run, so if I am doing a long- ish run it will be mid week. And let's face it I don't actually DO long runs. 8 miles is my absolute limit. Sometimes i have run twice in one day - but each run would be 4 or miles or less.

    Oh double eek I MUST back up and get myself organised.
    see you all later I hope.

  • sharkie
    she has done on the over 60s thread
    and now i am wibbling
  • wibble not Hipps
    It does not consist of anything you can't do. Nothing at all. In fact it is just common sense when you think about it.
  • Hipps,
    it also occupies one's time before a race when one could get in a wibble:-))
  • so i cant just sit and chat and drink red bull like normal

  • tee hee.

    You can run and chat and drink red-bull!!
  • Tee hee too.

    I'm back - dentist has just rung to cancel. So now have to decide whether to have extraction at 4.30 on Friday or on Monday...

    think it will be the Monday option. Will then be able to enjoy Friday afternoon with you lot and Monday fit in with a no run day.

    See how runing rules my life!
  • sharkie
    what an anti-climax, having built up your nerves etc in anticipation of------------. However, I can see Monday fitting in well with your plans. Does that mean that you can now stay in Hastings without a double journey away and back?

    Oft running, or something resembling it, depending on how icy the pavements are.
  • ceal
    I love the sound of the fast strides on the snowy grass (on Over 60s thread if others want to read) Do you think it's a good idea to do intervals by time rather than distance sometimes? I know I have done at club track nights on occasion. Seem to remember the last one I did was a run hard for 7 minutes and repeat type thing. I miss the real track sessions - circumstances have meant that I haven't been since autumn.

    Certainly was an anti-climax re hideous extraction scenario. Still, it meant I could get out and do another 5.5 miles this morning. Decided not to bother with HRM or even watch. Just kept it fairly steady because there are a lot of tough hills on today's route. Didn't feel tired after 8 yesterday then 5.5 this morning but no point in overdoing it - and I do have to earn a crust - so I came in. Still, I'm pleased that the past two days have made chunky inroads into my projected 30 for this week.

    Only thing I am noticing is the tightness of my calves - again. Doing hills before warmed up certainly gets them - and downhills always help improve matters. Anyway I will give them a bit of a prod tonight. EEK it's 9.30 already...

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