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  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hello all

    Sharkie - i'm sorry i missed your birthday

    Many happy albeit belated returns

    I'm also sorry not been here not done much running well none really in truth been feeling a bit sorry for myself. Won't talk about it esp on an open forum.
    I know i will get through this.

    Thanks tracey for the text.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    oh bu**er hit submit before finishing

    I'll not be in London tomorrow Hopefully will see you all next month.
    Must get my act together
  • hello Pammie,
    don't beat yourself up. Sorry not to meet up with you tomorrow, but there will be another time. Is there anything we can do to help. Can't you come tomorrow, just for lunch with us. Hippo will be there. I could be a very nice social outing.
  • It could be------, there is no way that I could be a very nice social outing:-0)
  • hello ceal, hello Pammie,

    Just got in from 5.5 miles (well I'm just about to measure it actually) Pammie - ditto what ceal said, and it would be lovely to see you tomorrowanyway...

    Back in Dalston, lots to do, but will be back online later this evening.
  • Soz to hear you've been down Pammie - take care of yourself.

    Will try and get over to say a quick hello to you all tomoz but it's so manic at work at the mo (not helped with only having 4 working days left) that I'm not sure I'll be able to get out for lunch. Enjoy yourselves. Good racing!!!
  • Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow

    Pammie, it will be a shame not to see you - but in the words of Kurt Cobain - nevermind. Next time.

    Kazz... doesn't sound too likely for you, but you will be a Free Woman very very soon. What are your plans? And hows the training gone this week after the Fred Hughes?

    Hippo, Tracey, - I do hope you've got your dancing - that's running - shoes on. Tracey have I heard right you have - err how shall I put it? Tapered all week? Anyway how's the knee now?

  • Evening all.

    My knee is fine at the moment, but did not want to miss this race so long taper.

    I text Hippo this morning to make sure she will be there and she will.
  • Andre has been on this computer since come home from school. He has been playing Unreal Tourment 2004, so not got a look in.
  • Bit iffy really. Did six miles on the treadie last night - gym absolutely baking, legs felt like lead, plenty of puff tho. My leg's been really twingey today tho' - far more than it has for a while. Was supposed to have pt tonight be we've moved it to Sat. Glen said to do some x-train and a good stretch instead and then an easy 20 mins if it felt ok. Did the 20 mins - painfully slowly - but apart from the odd murmur it felt ok. Feels a bit 'bruised' now and will probably be sore again tomoz but, hopefully, it was just an after-effect from Sunday rather than the injury flaring up again.
  • I must be getting fitter. I can only hope it will make me quicker in the long run. Oops - no pun intended - I should say in the short run really.

    At lunchtime, there I was with a train to catch, with intermittent snow showers and with a small suitcase, a large (and frankly gorgeous, fashion fans) handbag, and a heavy carrier bag of FOOD to carry. Did I walk the long sea front route to the station or did I brave the Westcliff - 97 stone steps and a steep up and down climb (great view though!) - which could be much quicker.

    I'll let you guess. I am definitely fitter than I was.
  • I must be getting fitter part 2.

    Seems even colder in London than in Hastings. I am so nesh - must be because my ancestors were Cornish Celts rather than the hardy Scots variety. Decided to try and do some quickish bits - nothing too structured - more to keep me warm than any grander purpose.

    So: 3 x 1.25 mile laps of the park.
    2 laps were sort of fartlek style -
    first lap very slow jogs and quickish strides - average pace 10:24
    second lap slightly quicker jogs and probably much quicker strides - average pace 9:12
    third lap started steady and speeded up to 10k pace - all over average 9:12 - again!

    Weird that my fast/slow is as fast as my tempo mile. I reckon I ran about 1/4 mile steady then speeded up.

    What makes me think I must be getting fitter is that I didn't feel tired and so I ran an extra long way home to bring the all important shh you know what to 5.75.

    Am I getting the hang of running more?
    Or am I riding for a fall?
  • Morning girls. I hope you all have a lovely meet-up at LFOTM and good luck to those racing. Listen to auntie ceal and warm up well.
    Hipps - you will be amazed how soon it is over.
    Kazz - hope you can make it too.

    (((Pammie))) - hope you perk up soon.

    sharkie - ah, I remember those series of several good days in a row when you feel nothing can stop you. It can of course, but you move up a level and the memory of those good days goes into your legs and boosts your determination in tougher times.

    Well, I have now missed three days of running and the world has not ended so I guess that is my life lesson for the day. I am over the worst of my intestinal flu (that's what you'd say in French though I'm not sure if it's English) and managed some food last night but still feeling decidedly dodgy.

    Have to go out this morning and not looking forward to it... but if nothing untoward happens I may try a little jog round the block at lunchtime.

    In any case I'll check in later for your race reports.
  • Some good news: I've booked up for a Chi Running workshop in London on Saturday 28 April so I'll be at the LFOTM the day before.

    And I can still be home in time for my local-ish May Day 8k on the Tuesday.
  • Chouette
    Good news from you on several fronts. So glad you are feeling a bit better, I won'r parrot all the usual platitudes about taking it easy, not overdoing it etc etc - oh I just have. Enjoy your run - the verb is more important than the noun!

    I think there are at least three of us with similar time issues. Not the perhaps more usual family and career ones although these do come into it. I think - correct me if I am wrong - that Benzie also had a serious interest in music at one time - must sound her out about that. And we are, the three of us, child free zones... Anyway I would like to continue the discussion we started a page or two back.

    And the heart rate, pace rate, time rate conundrum continues to exercise my feeble brain.

    To say nothing of food, feeding and race weight Chouette.

    April LFOTM - brill news - I will book that one too.

    Have a good day anyway. I must do something about greeting my true love on his birthday, seeing as I have deserted him in favour of a hippo a ceal a jay and a tracey.

  • Happy Birthday to Mr Sharkie
  • Thank you Tracey,
    see you later.
  • Happy Birthday Mr S

    Happy racing all!!!!! ;o)
  • Hello all... I'm new here but have read this thread with interest.

    I started running 3 weeks ago (!) and could just manage 3km (with a walk in the middle. I am now running three times a week with no walking (one longer run - distance up to 8.3km this week in 56 minutes, and two shorter runs - currently 5km but likely to increase).

    As you are all clearly far more experienced than me, I'd be interested to hear how your progress went when you first started out like me. Last week I was running 5km in 34:48 and Wednesday I got down to 30:14.

    Is sub-25 mins for 5km realistic for me in the next few months or is this some way off. I'm 36, not overweight but have never really run at all except a few one-off run-walks spread over the years which I have failed to keep going. It's fair to say, however, that I absolutely LOVE it now - I'm well and truly bitten by the bug.Any tips to get me down to 25 mins whilst bearing in mind that I'm new to this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Kazz,
    No increased twinges today? Hope not.
    BTW I'm not married but I have to call him something anonymous. Poor lad - just the seagulls for company on his 45th birthday. (teehee)

    BTW it's not that i feel I'm flying at the moment, that is still a worry and I can't wait to get to some serious speed training. But I feel I am being conscientious (spelling?) with the increased mileage and it IS beginning to feel easier. But not quicker. (mild gloom - you know the feeling) And I am a LONG way off your mileage. Actually I don't think I will go above 35 miles. I will take a consensus of opinion but don't personally think it's necessary for me at this stage and with my current goals - ie sprint speeds and sub 25.

    Are you going to cut down after the half? Your 5k PB is much better than mine. It won't take you long to get to the next target - not after all the work you have put in this winter and then with a bit of sharpening... ooh sunny days ahead!
  • Hiya PR TRIPLE 9

    Welcome to the thread - and there is no doubt in my mind that sub 25 and beyond is possible for you. It's not too an ambitious a target for a healthy, injury free 36 year old. I'm guessing you're a girly - huge apologies if you are a manly bearded type.

    Sounds like you are starting from a sensible base - there are huge improvements very quickly for a lot of people when they realise - hey, I can DO this. But don't try and increase speed and mileage both at the same time, too quickly...

    Having said that we need to know more about you. I do hope you will keep us informed of your progress - you will be the speedy baby of the thread. That's ok with me as I am the elderly grannie.

    Are you in a club? Are you going to try racing? (Weh hey!) What region do you live in?

    Several of us are out and about racing and socialising today - but I am sure everyone will be back later.
  • PR999 - When I first started running (5 1/2 yrs ago at age 37) I got down to 9min/miles within about 5 months, and close to 8min/miles (say 26 mins for 5k) within about a year.
    However, I then started being more interested in running longer distances, and it really needs a concerted effort in terms of speed/interval work to keep bringing 5k time down.
    I did a half-hearted attempt at it last summer and clocked 25:02 <doh!>, and expect to lower that again this year when I next get a spell of 6-8 weeks to concentrate on it...
  • No beard but a definitely a man!!

    I haven't joined a club and think I am quite attracted to the solitude of running at the mo. Maybe that'll change. I live in Sussex so there are plenty of races I could enter. I'm gonna spend a few months building a base though and take it from there. I am incredible single-minded so I'm looking forward to seeing (and feeling) improvement in the months ahead.

    I think the realisation that I CAN DO THIS this has definitely hit. The weekly 'long' run makes the shorter runs seem all the more achievable. It really is very much a mental game isn't it?!

    I've just got in from a gentle 5km run. I took it easy today as I did my 30:14 5km on Wednesday and my longest run EVER on Monday (8.3km) so today was a pleasant 32:11 5km just to keep the habit going and clock up more miles in my legs.

    I have a schedule I'm sticking to and am going to be disciplined and make this fourth week an 'easy week' per the schedule rather than keep pushing. In a weeks time the long run will become longer and the schedule adds a little speed work - new territory for me!! It's an exciting journey I've started.

    I'll be back!!

  • Paul,
    Grovelling apologies for assumiing you were a girly. Just hope you are in touch with your feminine side!

    Your plan sounds excellent. Give yourself a long term goal of sub 20 if you're a bloke...

    Gotter go and watch racers
    back later

    hi Daz (blue boy)
  • sharkie - no leg seems to be ok today (apart from the usual occasional twinges that I've been getting since I've had this prob).

    Hi Paul - welcome!!! ;o)
  • Hi PR999. Always pleased to meet a fellow PR.

    Plotting a graph of your current rate of progress would probably show you are due to hit sub-25 around the middle of next week...

    At least it sounds as if you are doing brilliantly so far.

    Just keep doing what you're doing, don't get injured and don't forget to stretch.

    A very happy birthday to Mr sharkie. (Your birthdays are nice and close together. Are you having a joint celebration?)
  • sharkie - I'm fairly sure 30mpw is ample for you if 5ks are your main target.

    As I'm into longer distances as well, I'm going to try and stick with the 40mpw until it becomes easy, or until the wheels drop off.

    Wonder how the thread gathering is going?

    No run today 8-(
    That's four days in a row.
    But I'm utterly knackered after spending most of this morning driving in second gear on icy roads. Would've stayed at home if I'd realised what it would be like, but it was quite exciting actually... and the snow-coated woods were so pretty. May have recorded a new max HR in places.
  • Logging in form London

    legs would not work, so a rather measly 32.25------------I did the first 5 k of cardiff marathon almost 3 minutes faster than that!

    Still, I did what i could do on the day

    Chouette-take care
  • great to meet you Sharkie-and a very nice lunch was had with JJ, tracey and Ceal
  • The feeling is totally mutual Hippo. I love you more than ever

    you are a Bad Girl.

    I feel it is my duty (she says pompously) to announce to the rest of the world - or at least to the readers of this thread - that it is no wonder Hipps 'only' managed 32.25. She can hardly walk at the moment. Hipps, I think you are like the Little Mermaid in the Hans Christian Anderson story. Just substitute running for dancing.

    It was stunning that she ran this race at all. It was probably completely bonkers as well.

    Have a lovely evening tonight, I'm so glad you came along today but pleeeeeeeeeeeeese whatever it takes (pantechnicons full of drugs, daily massage, a sharp blow to the head, err - rest?) get THAT INJURY SORTED.

    then - teehee - run a five k and do yourself justice. Sub 28 no problem.
    xxxx sharkie
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