Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • sharkie

    You start a thread and all us lot come on it.

    I had better go to bed.

    Night night all.
  • Night T, will have to head off to bed myself shortly
  • Sharkie
    I'd love to join you! I am currently "on the bench" but as soon as I'm allowed off I would love to work on my 5k time. (Currently 28 mins PB so I've a way to go!!)
    Thanks for being so friendly
  • Hipps - if you are going to the sosh and are free on the Saturday morning rather than Friday lunchtime, then you can come run BPTT ;-)
  • Holly
    I WISH

    But im on this massage course you see

  • 'Nother one I've yet to try!
  • We'll get you one day - maybe for some track and field sprints in the Summer ;-)

    Back on the original post... we haven`t got much down yet, but Sonia O Sullivan (and a few others) are promising to post some occasional gems of advice on 5km running on the BPTT and WCTT websites - Hipps is right - 5km races do hurt - good luck!
  • Hippo

    Are you going to take up sport massage then?
  • Hollywood
    Bushy park Time Trial looks fab. Just had a quick look at the website so thanks for posting that even if it was mainly for Hipps' benefit.

    I'm a Serpie so often doing club runs on Sat morning but seeing as the BPTTs are every Saturday...

    Is that true - every Saturday?

    Anyway they look great for us aspiring 5kers.
  • They do Hollywood but given that they're over so quickly it's not so bad!!!

    Altho' it's only a 5k that's I've nearly blacked out after. Then again that's what happens when you work so hard you knock spots off your pb and then don't have anything to eat afterwards! Bad Kaz!! ;o)
  • sharkie - they're not every Saturday....

    ... they're actually every Saturday - plus Christmas Day, plus New Years Day :o)

    (I'm a bit of an addict - did my first one September 2005, and have now done 52 of them... The Wimbledon Common version has only just started - might go there for a run soon too...)
  • Tracey id love to do the full course-but it means a lot of weekends
    this is an introductory course
  • Kazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    You are obviously quite a speedy lady or else a mere child. or perhaps both?

    What's your current PB? 21 something? Perhaps you are too quick for this thread.

    Or perhaps you can give peeps like me lots of hints about getting quicker!

    Where do you stand on the mileage issue?
  • Love to be a mere child again - 43 so middle aged lady. Got my 5k down to 23.53 and was aiming for sub-23 when the groin injury happened.

    I'll have to have a look back at some of my training plans to see exactly what I was doing last summer but it was an LSR, two shorter runs, a fartlek session, an interval session. To make real inroads in your 5k time there's no doubt the training will hurt!
  • Blimey the layoff's addled my brain - it's 22.53 not 23.53 and my last race was Thurrock at beg of Sep!!
  • Just a quick aside about 5ks 'hurting'.

    Surely any race 'hurts' if you race it rather than just think about getting round? And even getting round can 'hurt' if you are very unfit, and that applies to a marathon and to a 5k. Although for the unfit a marathon would hurt longer.

    I race my club handicap nearly every month - I've done about 18 so far, and that's a 4.4 miler so not VERY different to a 5k.

    Personally I think 400m is the most painful of all. Try it if you don't believe me. Your entire life flashes before you as you stumble through that final 100 metres. And then you throw up. Or someone calls an ambulance.

    Oh Joy.
  • I believe you Sharkie

    i aint a gonna try 400m
  • I give full endorsement to sharkie's definition of a 400m race. For me it's jelly legs that cross the finish line!
  • They do all hurt sharkie altho' personally I find that 5k's are perhaps the most painful as I really push myself from the gun. Not tried to seriously race anything shorter than 5k so will have to take your word for how a 400m feels!!! ;o)
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    shortest race i ever did, was last year 3km blasted off from the start, that did hurt, can't imagine anything shorter but would like a go.

    Not 400 though maybe 1500. Gulp what am i saying.

    3.75 easy miles today.
  • I will convert you all to the dangerous joys of sprinting yet...

    BTW ceal is hot stuff burn the track at the 1500. She is currently ranked 9th in the world - yes the world[/b[ for her age group.

    Something to aspire to or what!
  • Oops, me bold went a bit wrong.
    Never mind, it was worth shouting about.

    I love those sprints even though 50 plus is getting on a bit to discover that's what you're best at (relatively speaking) in the grand running scheme of things.

    The mixture of nerves and excitement before a track race is the closest thing I've found to the pre gig feeling playing with my band in my misspent youth. Over a lot quicker than a gig though, even in my case.

  • Hiya Sharkie !

    You gotta good thread going on now. Sorry I can't make much contribution on subject of 5k racing having never done one in any case. And round here its 5k famine land :-)

    Shortest races were last year doing the 5 milers which is designed for club runners as it is a county club championship series.
    They are of the lung-bursting variety and I think I'd much prefer a 3.1 mile(5k).

    I will have to agitate for organisers to get a 5k going :-))

    Anyway, here's to your goal of subbing 25min. You'll do it, easy peasy :-)

  • My 5k PB is 25:02, so this is the thread for me!

    Particularly hilarious to find Hippo on it LOL!

    I have a hectic race-diary of longer races right through to mid-June, but deffo intend to "strip down" to an assault on my 5k PB in July/August time...

    After all the Long Slow Runs I'll be doing, a few poxy short intervals will seem like a rest...
  • Daz

    Hippo is going to do a 5k race.
  • am I?
  • Yes you are. I have posted your entry.

    What time should I have put for your estimated time?

    Bernard wanted to put sub 20 mins.
  • s'wot you said last night - don't you remember??!?!?! ;o)
  • Hippo

    Was you on the Gin last night?
  • yes, why?
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