Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • I will book one, and take my Black pepper oil

    it will be nice to be touched and pampered at worst

    but that aint the issue

    LOTS more focused Yoga
  • ceal
    Even though you've gone now:
    I am a bear of very little brain, or perhaps a shark of very little suss. But I have got it now, thank you very much. I will def. try it probably tomorrow. Of course the hideous 600 at the start will knacker me for the 200s, I get it!

    SO missis. You have been pulling a slow one haven't you? You did a 5k with walking and STILL MANAGED to come in at under 30 mins? I smell a rat. Worse. I smell burning rubber. You MUST have legged it somewhere in that 3 point something miles. You little trickster!

    I do Walk Bits
    Even in short races.
    Well sometimes.
    And I only DO short races.:
  • Meant to say earlier that the main 3.5 miles of today's run wasslow. I was running - the grass meant I had to pick my feet up, but I kept it very steady as an exercise, and will admit to not much inclination to speed up. It took 38.5 minutes - so average of 11minute pace.

    I know I know I know I know I know...
    but it is still a bit eek! ish when I see 11 minute pace written down! Not as if I actually went very far either BUT I am not going to start freaking out about it, I will do some fast reps later in the week and harmony will reign.

    And eventually,
    Not today
    not tomorrow
    but eventually

    it will all come together.

  • Hipps - when was I mean to you?
    When I refused to do an ultra?
    Or when I suggested you take some rest days?
    Anyway, are you in PB shape for the Brass Monkey? I will be doing Helsby on the same day (start is 1 hr later) so will be thinking of you as I whizz round in 1:59:59
  • daz

    The mere MENTION if videoing my running is VERY mean;)

    and yes, i was deeply hurt that you would not do an ultra;)

    I dont know if i am in pb shape
    it hurts to walk, let alone run
    we wil see

    Sharkie-that 5k was probably short
    it was a Race for Life

    and i hadnt started running/training-that wasnt till 2002

    hm-so training makes you slower

    (I was also only 35 then)
  • sharkie
    I forgot to mention that the speed interval session I suggested is a great way to build speed endurance. The 11 min miles are ok because they were on grass and miles on grass are always slower. But miles on grass are kinder and good for strengthening ankles.
  • Hipps
    I really would like you to join me in a 5k this year, and I reckon you will do one somewhere... but can see that this Jan's LFOTM might not be a good idea.

    But you are not going to wriggle out of that sub 30, even if it was a frilly Race for Life.

    And are you - you of all people with your multiple unmentionables (on this thread pleeeeeeeeese) - daring to question the Written In Stone edict that Miles make you Faster. And more slow miles make you faster still? Are you daring to disagree with the combined might of Hard Training with Mike Gratton, with Mr.Pantman, with Queen Hilly, with Johnnie 'no-one got slower running more miles Johnson et al. All the usual suspects!

    Do you belong to the tiny band of runners who say train slow race slow? Ah no - that can't be you - you don't 'train'

    Perhaps you belong to the even more select gang.

    I do love you
    xxxxx sharkie
  • sharkie

    I entered Hasting half marathon yesterday.


    How are you legs today?


    My 3 miles yesterday took me 33:40. No sure what I am going to do this morning. Think I will just see how my legs feel when I get out there.
  • Sharkie

    I have been entered into the 5k at the end of the month by a certain tracey

    You are right, i dont train!
    Tracey-my legs might just be a little better

    More Yoga today
  • You might surprise yourself Hipps!!! ;o)
  • Hippo

    You asked me to enter you.
  • thats not the point tracey
  • i need someone to blame when im vomming on the finish line
  • Hippo
    Hopefully, I will be there to greet/meet you with a sick bowl:-))
  • then do we go for lunch:)))
  • A well deserved lunch.
  • I wil have to warm up wont i

    oh dear
  • Hipps
    I did know that She Who Must be Obeyed (that's you Tracey) had pur your entry in. Just didn't want you to think you had to if it wasn't the right 29 minutes. Glad you got yoga today - take it easy though.

    If you are now definitely going to be there I will volunteer my Serpie services and desert Mr. Sh... on his birthday. Can't say fairer than htat can I?

    Oh yeah, lunch defiinitely. Although I have been known to subsist on coffee and a small square of the dark stuff. That's chocolate, not Guinness. Used to subsist on ciggies and JD so iyou can see life has moved on.
  • Hipps
    You can vom over my yellow bin bag.
    I will deem it an honour.
  • yellow bin bag??????
  • I didnt realise we needed Specialist Equipment for a 5k
  • Yeah - if I'm not racing, I often marshall. Had you forgotten I'm a Serpie? I have to wear a smelly yellow bin bag - although one time last year I had the dubious honour of thrusting the appropriate medals at the sweaty winners.

    I'm now wishing I was racing. I'd sort of decided my first 5k this year would be end of March. I thought I was getting a bit hung up about races and woould concentrate on the t word for a while.
  • ah yes!
    THAT sort of bin bag:))

    silly hippo
  • Yoga time:))
  • So Tracey...

    what's the role call for end of Jan then:


    I will be there to cheer you up and down the hills of Hastings. Great that you'll be there - must introduce you to my friend Ranjii who may well be running a similar time to you. I had better pop over to the other thread at some point. We don't discuss anything longer than a 10k here.

    Well, we might mention the odd half and even the m......... but let's face it those matters are discussed QUITE thoroughly elsewhere....
  • sharkie
    can't you change your role for this pending FLOM? I am sure MF would cooperate. AND RUN with us.
  • Hipps - re "warming up" - you will probably want to do some strides.
    You know how to do strides, don't you?
  • ceal
    you have obviously got FLM on your mind! It's LFOTM not FLOM! Err, I don't know. I really wasn't even going to be in London on that Friday. I'm just going to make a special trip because Hipps will be there. I know I'm not good in cold weather and i don't want to start the year on a downer. I am concentrating so hard on this mileage issue I don't see how I can do myself justice speed wise. Can't help feeling I am still in the getting slower phase. (I AM keeping the faith a la Chouette though) When I said I wished i was racing I rather meant I wished the occasion wasn't on that day. Make sense?
  • Daz
    re "You know how to do strides, don't you?"

    You just put your feet apart ....
    and shift.

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