Sub 25 - and beyond!



  • Hippo

    Mr Postie has just delivered our Serpies numbers.
  • sharkie

    too much talking about it - not enough doing it - miles that is:-)))

    you have to establish that base level of fitness where running consistently is normal before moving on to dedicated pace work.

    That's when you move out of the "slower" phase to the next level.

    You can run but you can't hide........................:-)

    off now before I get one of Hipps' slaps!!
  • I agree TS. Action speaks louder than words. Are you an Otis Spann fan btw?

    Talking of action, I'd better get my trainers on and get out there once more :-))
  • TS
    Don't know what i have to do to please you. Sigh. I can't take everybody's advice all at once.

    I am doing the miles.

    I have never done more than 22 miles in a row for three weeks. Last month I did 28, 27.5, 31. And this week - as a compromise - I won't cut back by a third as Chouette suggested - but I won't stomp through another 30 either. I am going to do the tough looking intervals set ceal has suggested. And I aim to get 22 - 25 miles in this week, then back up to 30 next week.

    Won't that do?

  • sharkie

    Bernard faked Hippo signature.
  • Tracey,
    oooooooooh! He's a crim!

    tell me about those 400s then Tracey.
  • What 400m?
  • Today's 400's

    1.36 mile warm up

    1:57 in to wind
    2:00 in to wind

    1 mile warm down
  • Tracey
    I knew you weren't just looking at the scenery this morning!

    That is really good. You will be getting all the gold stars going. You've already done loads of miles (see how I keep getting bullied about it by the likes of TS, JJ and now Impey has joined in) so you are allowed to do speed work.

    Still, no-one pushes me around.
    I just duck and dive out of the way.
    They can't get me here!

    Anyway, you must be feeling quite pleased with the way it's all going at the moment?
  • sharkie

    My legs are feeling it now thou.
  • I am officially cured of intervals...

    Till next week.
    Then more!

    Must stuff face with grub then do some work.
    back later.

  • It was fine at lunchtime and I felt ok so off I trotted to do ceal's set of intervals. See previous page. Just in case anyone is worried that I am a MIle Free Zone I will state here that the session added up to 4.5 miles and I am on target for my 22- 25 this week. See previous page.

    I measured out a tarmac course on Hackney Downs. I'm pretty sure the 600 is 600 but not too sure of the accuracy of the 400 and 200 divisions. And I, err, went a bit rubbish on the final 600 - ie I couldn't do it, or thought I couldn't, so stopped at 400 and then did another 200. Another black mark for length of rests - some may have been longer than 30 seconds. But hey ho they weren't much longer...

    So, just for you ceal:

    600 - 2:55
    3 x 200 - 52, 50, 48 = 2:30
    got the next one the wrong way round and did the 400 first
    400 - 1:32, 200 - 48 = 2:20
    and then I boo hoo failed
    400 - 1:40
    so tried to make up for it a bit with final 200 - 43 = 2:23

    It was certainly tough and next time I will do that final 600 properly.

    Longish slowish - no damn it - longish SLOW run tomorrow for me. Plus bike ride I think to de-cane legs!
  • that last interval is always the worst
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    well run. 600m's is a difficult distance isn't it. I doesn't matter at all that the 400 and 200 were swapped. You achieved a really good solid interval session.

    It will be easier next time, because you will pace it better. ie a little slower on the 200's maybe. But I am not criticising!!!!

    I would recommend either a rest day tomorrow or just 3 miles easy not a long run. Unless of course you feel raring to go tomorrow.

    you are absolutely right.
  • I never used to make the last one

    In me speedwork days
  • Hippo

    You used to do speed work?

    Tell more.
  • I did, yes
    for a while

    when getting frustrated in 2003
    I thought i could just do a sub 4 mara-hell, everyone else does
    well, not so
    i have to accept my body
    speedwork didnt help me
  • That was then Hipps. You are probably different in so many ways now. Not that there is much point in doing anything you dislike or makes you feel bad. Well, not unless it has some fantastic effect and makes you feel Just Brilliant afterwards...

    Yoga good today then?
  • Hippo

    You had only just started running in 2003. I started running in April 2004 and have only just started doing speed work.

    Would not recommend it with you tight quads at the moment thou. But done totally rule it out.

    I didn't take you for someone that gives up easily.
  • Tracey
    I know it was tough but did you sort of enjoy doing the fast bits today?

    And you are WICKED. Is it not enough to have press ganged Hippo into doing a 5k, you are now rying to force her into speed work.

    Whereas I am innocent as a shark toothed daisy.
  • What a grim day.

    I had planned a nice easy recovery cycle ride after yesterday's tough but great-to-do intervals (thankyou ceal for those). It was a good idea at the time but I wasn't bargaining on a battle with gale force winds, driving rain and to crown it all (pun intended) a trip to the dentists.

    I was soaked and soaked to the soul too when I was informed it will cost £6000 to fix my back teeth....

    I hope to go out for a 3 or 4 miler. the weather's cleared up a bit and it might cheer me up.

    I wonder what Pammie is up to today after her rest day yesterday.

    Anyone else venture out into the storms?
  • passes sharkie a whisky

    not been oput today
    orf down the gym later
  • Cor Hipps you little life saver.
    That'll be a double Jack on the rocks please.

    I am falling to bits.
  • Join the club
  • Mad race entry day - have entered two halves and a mara. Eek.

    Doesn't matter to me how breezy it is at home as I have another treadie session tonight. 5k tonight as opposed to yesterday's 5 miler. Worst that'll happen to me is that I'll boil to death!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    what's wrong with your back teeth. That is a lot of dosh!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Quick post.

    Today had to be another rest day, due to sleeping all day, was working last night till this morning.
    Working tonight as well. but will modify schedule this week perhaps an easy run tomorrow with either a fast or tempo run on saturday.
  • Can't really relate this to 5k running... apart from the fact that toothache is guaranteed to slow one down...

    I won't go into it but various bad habits of my past have done my teeth no good at all. I had a bridge put in last summer but in less than six months the dreaded gum disease has struck - never had it before - bridge is loose - there is huge bone loss and implants x2 are the only answer. It's all a bit steep on top of the £2000 I dredged up for the bridge.

    I'm only a poor graphic designer/illustrator!

    Perhaps I will just go for the 60s English rock star look.
    I'm quite glum actually.

    But my next post WILL be running related

  • Pammie
    How do you cope with the night shifts?
    Have you got used to them?
    The Higdon schedule is pretty tough - but you have made a good start on it. Good that you got those intervals in on Tuesday.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    that does sound something to be glum about. The money involved in particular. Can't you find a NH dentist, I know it will still cost with one of those, but it will be less. Or maybe a dentist in the Hastings area would be cheaper. I presume you use an electric tooth-brush, because they are very good at keeping the gums well stimulated. Have you tried Aloe Vera mouth wash etc etc? xx ceal
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