Sub 4 hr marathon

Can anyone tell me the difference between jog and jog recovery?


  • Hi Sue - i'm guessing that jog recovery is shown on interval sessions (e.g. 4x 800m fast, 90s jog recovery) so would be the bits in between the fast stuff whilst just jog probably means that speed all the way through the session. Sure someone far more knowledgable will be along shortly to confirm or deny.
  • just had a look at one of the plans on the website - where it has jog in the same sessions as jog recovery it's at the start and end of the session so think that's for your warm up and cool down.
  • could some one please clarify if there is a difference between fartleck trainging and interval training, i was under the impression fartlecking was for example: 200m hard, 100m recovery, am i right or am i completly wrong
  • When I download the RW'sGarmin-Ready marathon schedule it gives me a .wkt file.  My computer can not recognise this - what format should I save the file so that I can upload the schedule to my Garmin 405?


  • .wkt

    Your computer doesn't need to recognise it, your Garmin (or training centre) does.

  • As Johnny J says - fartlek is not really structured, just a run, usually off road, where you vary things up - some v fast sprint bits, some a bit longer at a fast pace, some hill reps & some slow/jog. I believe the term can be translated "speed play".

     Intervals are more structured, and can either be all the same distance at the same speed with a recovery, or could also be a "pyramid session" where the intervals get longer (or faster) and then back down to the original one. 

  • The download has 2010 dates in it.
  • Can anyone tell me what to do to load the sub 4.00hr marathon schedule onto my Garmin Forerunner 210?
  • Are you using Garmin Training Centre (GTC). The plan is imported to GTC, and the workouts can then be transferred to the watch from GTC. Thats how I did it when I briefly used a garmin plan
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