Fake Kayano XII?

Just bought a pair of Kayano 12s (can't be bothered with the roman numerals again) from a shop on ebay for £39.99. They seem to be genuine but I'm no expert. Does anyone know if there's some fakes out there or have I really got the bargain I think I have? They're new in box and they had all sizes and colours. If they really are genuine I recommend you all have a look on ebay if you're in the market for some new (alright I know they are last years model) KAYANOS.


  • They're not fake.

    I have them as well.

    I posted on here before Xmas to make everyone aware.

    One person replied.

    There are a few pairs still there.

  • Is the seller an eBay shop? I recently got a pair of Saucony Omni 5s for the same price - not a big a bargain as the kayanos but still half price.
  • "from a shop on eBay"...

    memory like a sieve :-)
  • Deepdown, hope they are genuine, I got some too, have run about 60 miles in them including 2 long runs of 13 miles plus, so I would think if they were fake I would have had problems by now, I do nearly ALL my running on road !
  • I just cannot see them not being genuine. It would be far too hard to fake something like the Kayano wouldn't it?
  • Would the returns be worth faking a proper running shoe?

    Chav shoes I can see the market and point but runners tend to be careful about buying they shoes?
  • True TT plus thinking about it I have been buying asics 2110 and 2090 off ebay for a couple of years, dont 2 marathons last years and loads of halves, no way can these shoes be fake, and I have NEVER paid more than £40 for a pair
  • meant to say DONE 2 marathons last year not DONT ???
  • Well if anyone can find me the funky mutli coluered maddness of ascis tri shoes...
  • Unlikely to be fake. I recently bought some Brooks addictions, just like the other pair I bought earlier this year, only £30 instead of £70. I thinks they were old stock (6's instead of 7's).

    As a previous poster said, how many fashion conscious chavs would wear some brooks addictions or similar? Damn good fakes if they are anyway. I wouldn't buy any 'fashion' trainers off ebay though or any kind of 'desinger' clothes.

  • Thanks for all the posts. I feel re-assured and quite smug that I got such a bargain. In fact, I think I'll order another pair now because they're great shoes - better than my NB857s at controlling my overpronation.
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