G3 10k XC February 2007

If the second is as hard as the first, then........ HELP.......

1st race was great, well organised, great marshalls, the second over a differnt course, will it be better, or will be harder, or a bit of both.......

See you there.


  • After the first race you'd be mad to miss the second!!

    Great event, marshal’s fantastic and looking forward to the whole series.

    PS:- Can anybody explain how to get my new white socks clean, Persil non-biological isn't working!!!
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Wear black or dark blue one next time, throw the now brown ones away........
  • What sort of times were people doing in this?
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Bald eagle, its hard to say as course was long, but, I normally come in around 40-42 mins for 10k, this took me 1:02:17, even at 11 - 11.5k that would be 46-48 mins, so I would add at least 15 mins to your 10k time.

    Its not easy to race...... but is excellent training strength and stamina value.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Rory - I see that you are warming us of St Marthas back areas on the Jan thread, Its her front Im worried about too.......
  • RFJ- Do you know of any similar events in the Surrey Hills area? The jan g3 was one of my favourite events so far? Looking forward to Feb event, know what to expect next time!
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Hogs Back (but thats only just gone as has the longmoor lollop)Look in the events finder for Surry on this site, it may help you..

    There is the Midsummer Munro and the picnic in June july time (the hardest half and Mara in Britian.....) all around Box Hill near Dorking.....

    See you in Feb.
  • Hogs Back is nice run but doesn't compare with G3 as it is on road. G3 much better races. LDWA Surrey do a number of long distance walk/running events in similar areas.
  • St Matha's back passage is the worst section on this course by a long way. Steep and narrow with most people resorting to walking.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    I await her for her full glory to be shown in Feb......... (HHHEEELLLLPPPP)
  • Thanks, did Hogs back, nice run but alot of tarmac, Is the Feb G3 up St Marthas back passage?
    Anyone down for Lakeside Canal run to Pirbright Locks, 8 miler?? 21/1/07
  • I found the Jan G3 event extremely tough. Was relieved to get to the top and pass the church...the devastated when i saw it was on the way back too. Took me 15 mins longer than a normal 10K.

    See you in Feb!
  • Me to Rigadon but we will both be back for more in feb and march. Its a great test.
  • About 75% of Marthas back passage in Feb. The last (and killer) 40 yards has been missed off I think.

    Takes me half hour longer than flat 10K but apparently Jan was nearer 7 miles.

    March is evil.

    Going over there this weekend for the four leaf clover. Thats up and down Martha from the four points of the compass plus the run to the far end like in Jan race. Plus the longest parts of all the races in one hit. With the recent weather, it should be awful.

    Tally Ho.
  • i have G3'd since the begining of the series and I love them. In order I love - the cross country and scenery, the 8.45 start and the saturday race- All in all i enjoy the feeling at 11 am on a Saturday of virtuousness and well-being.... But hey - means i can enjoy saturday eveing and the accompaning beer all the more....
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Sounds like fun Dustboy.....

    Hope Marta's back passage is not as windy as it was here yesterday...... it will be hard, but if its windy it will be harder.....

    Off for a long run this weekend....
  • Deep meaningful ouch. The four leaf clover is a bit of a bu66er. 2 hours easy pace. Reckon about 9-10 miles? Maybe a bit less?

    Course is quite dry apart from the little bit just before you turn right to go up Marthas back passage. Family with a buggy there having not a lot of joy. In the end I just waded through it and got messy.

    Great run though. And it even rained a bit!

  • I ran the Jan route on Saturday, and although as Dustboy says it is quite dry, there are a few trees blocking the route, and generally lots of branches down everywhere. Had to 'pick those knees up' in order not to stack it. And Sunday I ran down the back passage of St. Marthas, and found that tough enough. Just have to laugh and get on with it I guess!
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Could be fun and games if the cold snap comes in...... all the ruts etc, make sure the ankles are well and truely protected......

    Good running from you both Wozza and Dustboy..
  • Yeah, watch out chaps/esses, turned my ankle in Jan and someone was carted off injured for same reason. If it gets hard and frozen, we may be in for a rough time.

    Cheers RFJ but it would be nice to be a bit quicker.
  • The Feb course is much harder than January. You have just got going when you hit Martha's back passage...and that will shag your legs...and then soft sand and downhill to really do them in.

    Not many people will make it up the back passage without stopping!!

    Lots of holes around on narrow bite near the start. Be very, very careful!!!
  • March is probably harder still because you have the long traverse across N Corner. It all looks innocent on the pictures but the ground is very slippy underfoot. It becomes very irritating to run across
  • Dustboy

    Where do you think the route goes on the Chantries? Does it stay out on the field and then double back up that staircase by the Chantries car park...if this is the case then Toby and the crew are reallly cruel this time. This is way, way harder than January....
  • From what I can see, the main difference between Jan and Feb is the first bit up to Martha will be a lot steeper and is the home stretch from Jan. The shortage of distance is made up by the extension to take in Marthas back passage. The trip out to the chantries will be virtually identical.

    It will be harder than Jan, but mainly cos the first bit will nbe more taxing. By the time Martha bites you with her arse, you will already be working hard. The ascent form the chantries back will hurt, a lot.

    March is more compact, but more intense. The extra loop to the north is harder than it seems, especially the last bit back up to the top. ANd watch for the sting in the tail up from the farmhouse
  • I missed Jan this year, but the map makes it look as though you ran down the steps at the end of the Chantries and then up the track at the side. Feb looks as though you are going up the steps not the track.

    This start is hard because there is no real chance to get going. A bit of a scrum on the short section to the road, than a very narrow bit (with dangerous holes), a quick climb, then drop down to the bottom of Martha's back passage. The other routes tend to give us more time to get going at a set pace by traversing across the fields.

    Agree about March, the pull back from the farm is always harder than it looks and was very slippy on Saturday. Miss the original finish from the first G3 which went up from the farmhouse, then R for 150m and then straight up to the carpark up the convex slope. No that was a tough finish!!!
  • Was the four leaf clover an event?
  • or is it CRS for look over?
  • No, the four leaf clover is my extension of Tobys worst bits, all together. And I am VERY sore today. Still no quicker though. Why, you fancy it sometime? Remember to touch the perimeter wall of the church after each ascent, all four sides, or it don't count!

    It IS a great name for an event though. Wonder if Toby would put it on? I'm in if so. You can just about do it without the lines of runners crossing each other.
  • Cockney rhyming slang!

    I am just trying to work out how you do that route!!!

    I am still trying to work out Toby's maps. Not that clear ie I assume the Feb ascent of the MBP is a bit longer than March's as the map shows it not going down the often used and very sandy traverse about 200m down from the top. March obviously does go down the 'normal path'. Good job that I will never be leading one of these (not even near) as it would be hard to be sure of the route from the maps alone.

    When you do the FLC do you make it all the way up the back passage to the chruch without stopping...that would be impressive.

    Useless bit of local info. Yvonne Arnaud of theatre fame is buried just inside the wall of the church on the E side
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