Pain on sprinting, fine on jogging

basically the band of muscle that runs from groin to thigh aches all day. I can jog through it at normal pace and it eases a bit, but any idea of sprinting is out.

I've had casual little a week over christmas, and 4 days but yesterday i had a good nice paced run but waking up aching now.

Is this simply a couple of week rest job?

i do all the right stretches, and ice it and heat it well too.

I've been aware of a slight niggle for a few months and through football i could feel the burn and it went into a tight hamstring as well.. The hamstring is fine through stercthing but this niggle is worse!

any help?


  • I am getting a similar thing which I can run through but it aches for a few days afterwards.

    As I'm aiming for my first 10K in March I feel that I should be doing more training than I am but don't want to overdo it.

  • even more frustrating when you are used to a good 25miles a week, and have done 45 races in my "career!"

    really want to gte my powerful top speed back!

    a couple of weeks rst it is then
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